Offer Your Customers a Show to Increase Sales

Manufacturing equipment photo by Mixabest. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Think about how your company manages its supply chain. Think about your company’s manufacturing excellence, your engineering and design strengths, your efficiencies in operations, your strict adherence to providing high quality finished goods, your customer focused sales team and finally, your tireless pursuit of providing excellent aftersales service and support. Each area defines your value and it’s this value that is best described through your marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, marketing alone can only do so much. Marketing can’t completely define your company’s value the way you, your employees and your management team see them. So what’s the solution? Well, it starts by showing your customers your value in a way that helps to increase sales. How is this done? Simply put, you engage your customers by giving them a show.

Engage Your Customers

The purpose of this exercise is to empower and engage your customer base. You want them to understand your company’s value the way you understand it. Showing them that value can be as simple as taking them on a tour of your company, putting together a video, or having your customers see how your company operates in real-time. For instance, think about what happens when you bring your car in to be serviced. As a consumer, you’re able to view the mechanic working on your car through a glass window. You’re able to see exactly who is working on your car and what’s being done. It provides a sense of comfort and allows you to be a part of the process. It’s empowering because it’s engaging.

Using the Plant Tour

Take your customers on a plant tour. Have them walk through your manufacturing facility. Allow them to see how your company operates. This is your opportunity to define your value in a way that can’t be done with conventional marketing campaigns. The purpose is to engage your audience. To help you along, here are some guidelines on defining your value to your customers while taking them on a tour.

  • Supply Chain: Explain how your vendors help your enterprise by reducing the time it takes to get parts and materials.
  • Manufacturing: Outline your company’s excellence in manufacturing by showcasing how your company turns raw materials into finished goods.
  • Engineering: This is an opportunity to explain your company’s excellence in product innovation. While on the tour, make it a point to stop by the engineering department and showcase your core competencies in product design.
  • Operations: Explain how your entire operations help your company to service your customers. Focus on processes that identify and eliminate waste and help to improve customer service.
  • Sales and Marketing: Excellence in sales and marketing means your company is always keeping a pulse on your market and your customers’ needs. Explain how your sales team operates and how your company uses this information to improve its product and services.
  • Customer Service: Your customers want to know that you take their issues seriously. Explain how your aftersales service is focused on making sure issues are dealt with and immediately resolved.

Remember, a plant tour helps to define your value in a way that few approaches can. After all, every one of your competitors is claiming to have similar strengths. Every competitor believes they have the best product to offer. Every competitor is doing their best to use marketing to demonstrate their abilities. However, a plant tour, a show or a product demonstration, helps to clearly convey your company’s value. When customers see your operations up close, they are more likely to appreciate your efforts, and this will always leads to more business.

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