Bizarre Commercials for Mobile Phones: Do They Entice You?

T-Mobile-Royal-Wedding-AdSome phone retailers try to highlight their own greatness, while others opt to slam the other guy’s products to encourage us to buy theirs. Wacky, sexy and just plain gross might catch the consumer’s attention, but do these tactics translate into actual sales?

T-Mobile (Humorously) Honors Royal Wedding

Set to music by East 17 and featuring royal look alikes dancing down the aisles in celebration of the big event, T-Mobile avoided offending anyone, yet tapped into a highly popular current event in the UK to tout reasons why you need their phones. Too many parody commercials poke fun at someone maliciously, but this parody is funny for people in awe of the royals as well as those who could care less. Whether you’re in the market for prepaid sim card plans or the newest smartphone, we doubt you could resist at least chuckling at this one.

Android’ Cruder Side

Something tells us this commercial would be even funnier if we understood Korean, but it’s pretty hilarious as it is. Android gobbles up all Google’s offerings (apps, ebooks, music, etc.) and ends the commercial with a big, fat burp. Whatever the Android is babbling about must be effective, as Android accounts for 70 percent of the Korean cell phone market.

Say, What, Microsoft?

If you watch this video and have nothing to say afterward except for, “huh?” you’re not alone. While the tune is fairly catchy, we’re really unclear what’s up with the guy apparently photographing up his own shirt, where all the bubbles came from and what the animal head masks are about. Apparently, consumers didn’t get it either, and the advertised product, the Microsoft KIN, was pulled off the market after only a few weeks. Huh.

Is It OK to Piss Off the Dutch?

We’re not even sure which Dutch phone company thought a great way to advertise their phone was to show a customer swimming in a pool while blowing the water out of his mouth and then show his friends texting him a photo of themselves peeing in his pool previously. So it’s hard to say how effective the ad was. “So hi?” We’re thinking more “so high.” That’s the only excuse for these advertisers.

Motorola’s Strip Tease

If you’ve ever left your cell phone sitting around where a coworker could snoop your calls (or if your spouse has) this commercial might make you a little queasy. Some poor wife attempts to add a little action to her married life and doesn’t have a clue his coworker was actually the one benefitting from the endeavor. Meanwhile, the husband is clueless about exactly how much his coworker has seen of his wife. The real beneficiary here is the snooper (and us, because we get a chuckle). Bravo, Motorola! Way to sell products in the U.S., official home of the vicarious sexual experience.

Do These Commercials Sell You?

What works for you? Slapstick comedy? A dollop of sleazy? Something a bit quirky? While some of these commercials were widely successful, others came well short of selling the products they were intended to promote. How bizarre is too bizarre for a cell phone commercial? We think it’s great when retailers entertain us, but we at least like to know where they’re going with the advertisement. You?