7 Ways of Ensuring Staff Safety at Work

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Safety risks can be reduced by awareness and structured action plans that provide guidance in the event of an emergency situation and to avoid personal injury. At work, this idea is no different. Whether it’s removing a loose cable cord that is left in the pathway of a traffic area in an office, or formally identifying the emergency exits and fire extinguisher locations to the staff in the event of a fire; observation and preparation are key safety factors.

Taking precautions to create a safe work environment avoids unnecessary accidents and reduces panicking during emergency situations. The benefits of a safe work environment include helping to decrease or eliminate office-related personal injuries and creating awareness along with procedures to assist in effectively handling a risky or emergency situation. It’s to the advantage of both the employer and employee to design and maintain a safe work environment through a collaborative effort to assist in covering as many potential threats as possible. Instead of a neighborhood watch program, think of it as an office watch program.

To begin with creating a safety awareness approach at the office or job site, here are seven ways of ensuring staff safety at work:

Be Vigilant

This includes being aware of any loose or hanging wires and cords that lie in the pathway of workers. Remove, replace, adjust, or relocate such wires and cords to prevent them from getting tangled in someone’s legs, feet, and other body parts. Not only will this make the office more organised and tidy, but it will also prevent anyone from tripping over them and having an injury as a result.

Advise the Employees

It’s extremely important that your employees are fully aware as to the location of all emergency exits and the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency. If advise is provided and demonstrations are given, then everyone in the workplace will be able to organise themselves efficiently and take the appropriate measures to ensure that they remove themselves from any danger.

Equip the Office

No office can be fully functional and safe without the proper equipment to help out in the event of an emergency, including an alarm system and sufficient security to prevent any intruders. As briefly mentioned in the above paragraph, equipment is also needed in the event of a fire. Make sure that your office has functioning fire extinguishers and fire alarms – both of which can be purchased from fireprotectiononline.co.uk who will assure you are fully prepared.

Teach Internet and Email Security Measures

Such as the use of anti-virus software and updates, application virus and hacking signs; and how to prevent a virus from spreading to a computer or network. Explain how to maintain the confidentiality of passwords and usernames, such as changing them on a periodic basis.

Support the Staff

If your staff are going to be sitting down at a desk for most of the day, it’s vital that they’re comfortable. Not only for their own health and wellbeing, but so that they can focus on the job with greater ease. Simply by investing in office chairs that provide comfort and support for employees, you’ll be able to create a much more relaxed and healthy work environment.

Clean Environment

No employee wants to be working in an environment that’s rarely cleaned, so invest in employing a cleaner who can come in daily to create a sanitary environment for everyone. If you don’t have the budget for this, then simply purchasing cleaning products and keeping on top of things yourself would still make all the difference.

Be Aware of Electricals

Offices today are filled with computers and wires that can easily cause huge problems if not taken care of in the right manner. Overloading plug extensions, ignoring warning signs and leaving equipment on overnight are just a few issues that could result in issues for the work place. Taking this into consideration, it’s important to be more aware of all electricals in the office and contact an electrician for assistance if there’s ever a problem, as taking matters into your own hands could easily make it worse.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to create a safe environment for employees and reduce the risk of any accidents occurring. Safety may seem like something that everyone is aware of, but you don’t want to risk sidelining it and later having to deal with an incident that could easily have been avoided if you’d have followed the necessary advice.

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