Sustainability And Staplers: Creating An Environmentally Friendly Workplace

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When it comes to a business operation, being upskilled on how to be environmentally friendly is as essential as having air in the office. More and more companies are hot when it comes to recycling and communicating it to the employees. So, if your business isn’t there yet, it’s now time to start on the greener path. There are many ways that your office can benefit the environment, and here are a few:

Change How You Travel To Work

Most of us tend to use the car to get to work, and then from work. If convenient, switch to public transport. The bus and train companies are working more to make sure that they are more friendly to the environment. Also, try and cycle to work. Not only are you helping the planet, but you’re exercising too. A lot of bikes now have the ability to fold down, so you can store them underneath your office desk. And if you haven’t got one, you can set up a cycle to work scheme, giving more people the initiative to get on their bikes.

Recycle More

A great place to start if you don’t do so already. Most cities and towns in the Western world are now pushing for recycling to be commonplace, and it is for the most part. It is worth reminding you that your business will go through lots of paper in the space of a year, so recycling it is common sense. Recycling plastic, glass and paper can help cut CO2 by 345 million tons! Think about that before throwing your paper in the bin. And, instead of using paper, why not use tablets or laptops to transport work instead of printing out reams and reams of trees?

Upgrade Your Hardware To A Cloud Operating System

Moving your business to the cloud is great for many reasons, like saving money for the business. But if you want to help the planet at the same time, there are other benefits of the cloud. It takes fewer resources to compute information, when servers are not used, the infrastructure will scale down, and that consumes less power and energy. And with companies offering Cloud App Integration, your business will benefit the environment and be running smoother at the same time!

Use Local Produce

If your office has a cafe or an eating area, encourage the serving of locally sourced products and ethically sourced food. Buying locally grown fruit and vegetables from local farmers markets help to reduce the carbon footprint. So buy local instead of having foods shipped from the other side of the world.

Start An Environmental Initiative

A great way to spread the word further in the organization is to have dedicated activities, such as planting trees, as part of a social function. So plant some and give something back. The only way for people to be more environmentally conscious is if the word is spread further. If you have spent time improving your office environment, now it’s time to improve the actual environment.