Current Investment Trends For The Beginner

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Investment is a tricky game. One in which people often don’t leave unscathed. It can cause you lose of money, and indeed time. You need to be careful, which is why it is important to do your research extensively before parting with any cash. Research shields you from ill advised strategies and methods, it also ensures you are placing your money in well thought out schemes of investment. It gives you time to mull things over and see what is generally going on in investment. You need to think things through before hand before parting with any of your capital. That being said people make money from investment all the time. You can too if you are careful. The beginner should be careful, approaching each opportunity with trepidation, only care can shield you from bigger losses. There is always risk involved, which is what makes investing so tough. Stack the odds in your favour with research and knowledge, only then can you invest, knowing you have done all you can to ensure you have the best possible chances of succeeding with investment. These following trends are suitable for all kinds of investing but are readily accessible for beginners. This list does not include stocks. Stocks are hard to trade for experienced pro’s let alone beginners. To invest properly it requires years of expertise which is why people employ hedge fund managers. Good luck, and remember, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Remember, there are a multitude of resources out there for you to take advantage of. Clue up on all kinds of investment. You may have a certain proclivity for  a certain kind of investment but you can never know enough. You can find some good knowledge at Those who put the effort into finding the most out about their field make the best decision. There is no easy route to success here, no easy way to get at what you want. You need to work hard. With that in mind, here are the better investments for beginners:


The price of gold fluctuates, of course. Yet it is at an all time high. It increases every few years. Investing in gold is a good place to start. Primarily because you actually have a physical possession in return for you money. All you need to do now is wait until the gold goes up in price and sell. It’s as simple as that. It comes in all kinds of denominations. Bars, ingots, etc. It doesn’t matter how it comes, what matters is who you buy it from. There are hundreds of different gold merchants out there, the trick is finding the good ones. You need to hit a mix of good reputation and good price. They are out there, they just vary from country to country. The same is said of silver. It fluctuates all the time, and is of a lower price than gold so is more accessible if you have less money. Be aware of the current goings on. The trick is being able to read into the news and interperate how it is going to affect the price of gold. Or any precious metal for that matter.


Again good for beginners primarily because they get something nice to hang on their wall. It is tough knowing what will increase in value so to excel at art investment it is important to put in all the right research. You need to weigh up what looks good with what will sell well. It sounds morbid, but if the artist is elderly and close to death then their work could be a good bet. As could works of rare intricacy. There is a lot involved in art. Just be sure to store it somewhere where the paint won’t easily fade and where it can be safe. You also need to get the correct certificates of authenticity so it makes selling it back on at a later date easier. You can find some great works of art here. Just be sure to do your research before buying online and always try to see the piece first especially when paying large amounts of money.


Also knows as certificates of deposit. These are a great first time investment because they are quite secure. They are usually bought with your bank and allow you to place large sums of money in an account. The downside is the amount of time you need to do this for. And if you touch the money in the meantime you lose all interest. You need to be sure you won’t need the money that you are investing before going ahead. Also, don’t just settle for your own bank. Ensure you research the other ones out there for the best chances of getting the ones with better interest rates. There are many comparison sites out there that can help you find the best ones. You can even use more than one at a time if you had larger sums at your disposal. These are usually better used as part of a wider investment portfolio, yet are perfect for those looking to dip their toes in investment.


Another great investment opportunity in which you see exactly what you get. There are different ways to approach this yet all are viable. First, you can buy to let. Purchasing a property with the intention to let it out for a passive income. You can buy a property, make significant changes like totally renovating or building extensions before selling on for a profit or you can buy and hold until the areas price sky rockets. Property investment takes a lot of knowhow. It isn’t easy in the least, you need to research the intended area with care and precision. If you don’t then you could be in for a loss. You also need to cultivate good relationships with tradesmen and builders. These are the people who are going to ensure you have a profit and you need to keep labour costs down, so good relationships and even partnerships can be hugely beneficial.

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