Scams To Be Aware Of As A Small Business Owner

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The reality of life is that there are some people who do not want to do honest work. They may believe that crime represents a better route for them because they already have a criminal record and their prospects in the otherwise respectable world are reduced to remedial, entry level positions from which they will never escape. They may also turn to crime because they think that it is a better way for them to get rich quickly. In any case, the threat that these sorts of criminals represent to your business is serious. You should constantly be aware of the latest tactics that are being used, and the latest technology that is being utilised to commit these crimes. The problem though is that the nature of such scams changes all the time as the perpetrators seek to evade capture. To remain one step ahead of them, here are a few things to look out for and the way you can make sure you do not fall for their tricks:

Every business necessarily has a bank account but if you are with a massive, multi-national institution, it is unlikely that there is just one person that you deal with when you call. Scammers take advantage of this fact to pose as your bank’s fraud team. They may inform you that they have detected unusual activity in your accounts and to prevent any possible fraud, you should transfer money into special auxiliary accounts that have been set up in your name. This sort of thing is obviously a setup when you read it described in such terms but the scammers are professional and dedicate themselves to seeming as if they are who they claim they are. Some even go so far as to play a recording of a call centre in the background. To protect yourself, you should never give out any of your personal details over the phone. If you suspect that who you are talking to is not your bank, hang up and call the number on your bank statements from a different phone (some scammers are so technologically sophisticated now that they can hold your phone line so while you think you are calling someone you trust, you are actually just calling them back, whatever number you input).

It is not just telecommunications fraud that you have to worry about though. Certain types of identity fraud will require that the scammer offer you fake identification documents. These instances are particularly prevalent in the finance and retail industries. If you ask the prospective criminal to identify themselves, you can now quickly and cheaply work out whether they are who they claim to be by using an identity verification service. This can help you shut down the possibility of all sorts of fraud.

Another scam that has only become possible in the last decade is the threat of illegitimate cryptocurrencies. Everyone has heard of BitCoin (even though you may not accept it as payment) but many sites are offering alternatives that do not actually exist. To make sure that you are not caught, you should thoroughly research everything that you can find out about the currency. If it does not seem legit, play it safe and do not get involved at all.

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