3 Ways to Make Your Office Space Encourage More Productivity

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Everyone experiences a slump in productivity every now and then. But for some, the entire environment of their workspace, be it their individual cubicle or office or throughout the entire organization, can make it challenging for anyone to find the motivation to be productive with their time. Luckily, there are ways you can adjust your current situation and find ways to boost your productivity and motivate yourself and those around you. To show you how, here are three ways you can make your office space encourage more productivity.

Pinpoint What Kills Productivity

Depending on your personal temperament, there can be a lot of little or big things that could affect your productivity level. But before you can start becoming more productive, you first have to pinpoint what the things are that are causing you to lose your motivation and become less productive. According to John Boitnott, a contributor to Inc.com, some of the most common productivity killers that take place in an office setting are toxic work environments with toxic people, a lack of organizational or personal development, being in a non-natural environment with limited sunlight, and feeling unappreciated at work. Once you know what things like this are affecting you, you can then work to relieve them.

Go Beyond Just Doing Tasks

Another thing that can sap your motivation to be productive at work is focusing too much of your attention on just going tasks rather than trying to accomplish meaningful work. According to Adam Toren, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, accomplishments matter much more to employees than the individual tasks they’re doing. When this sentiment is shared by management, it allows employees to focus more on the big picture of what they and the organization are doing rather than getting bogged down in the menials tasks that may take up most of your day.

Stop Multitasking

While it may make you feel like you’re busier or that you’re able to get more done in a day, trying to multitask can actually make you less productive than you might think. According to Phyllis Korkki, a contributor to the New York Times, people who try to multitask too much often have more errors in their work. Additionally, they leave themselves less time and freedom to try to work through things creatively, which can be a great way to bring about innovation. So if you generally try to do too much all at one time, you may want to start working on just one task at a time.

If you want to create a work environment where you can be productive and encourage productivity for those around you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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