How to Improve Your Labor Productivity by Using Time and Attendance Software

Stopwatch Time Is Money

One of the largest contributors to the success of any business is employee productivity. It is something that many businesses – large and small – strive to improve in order to increase that productivity. One of the most effective ways to achieve this and not add additional costs to the organization is through the use of time management tools. One such tool that is often left out of this equation is employee time and attendance tracking software. Ximble has an effective time tracking tool that can improve the productivity of your workforce without major cost to your company.

Here is a look at why that type of software program could benefit your business.

1. Managers & Employees Experience Reduced Administration Time/Costs

The best way to increase employee productivity is with time management and a reduction in tasks left for administration to complete. The work of administration severely impacts productivity from that level of your business when time is spent on such things as managing employee time sheets, recording data and assorted related duties manually.

Technology exists that can reduce the time spent on these functions which frees up management to focus on actually managing departments. With time and attendance software programs, all of the very same data can be collected at a fraction of the time and effort. This becomes a huge cost saving and works towards increasing the productivity of all staff and employees.

2. The Many Ways Time & Attendance Tracking Improves Productivity

There are no less than six key ways in which this type of software can work to increase the productivity of your employees. We will break them down for you and explain how each may apply to your specific business needs.

The Human Nature Factor

Well, you can probably understand this. The average employee feels over worked and far too busy while on the job. If they are unable to manage their time, they may not have a clear picture of the hours they actually put in on the job. This often leads to employees coming in a little bit later and leaving a little bit earlier under the impression that they have filled the hours required.

With time and attendance software, it is virtually impossible to lose track of time and spend too much of it on breaks, out to lunch or doing non-work related tasks. When employees get a clearer picture of their actual hours spent on the job, it increases their productivity to levels where your company will experience greater success. It also keeps employees happy on the job.

The Punctuality Factor

We’ve mentioned the coming in late and leaving early habit that can form when employees are unable to properly track their time. Even something as minor as an extra five minutes for a lunch break adds up. Over the course of a regular work month that five minutes totals over an hour and a half of lost time. Lost time costs the company money. Time tracking cleans that up.

It is not meant to act as an extension of Big Brother, either. Some employees just don’t see how a few minutes here or there can impact their overall time spent on the job. One of the most effective ways to educate employees about the losses that come from ‘a few minutes’ is to provide them with the tools to be able to see how they use their time and how much is wasted.

The Longer Break Factor

Real life has a way of getting in the way of even the best laid plans. Because lives today are so busy with outside the office needs, it isn’t all that hard to see that some employees will be away from their desk for longer periods of time than others. It’s understandable when emergencies at home or bills needing to be paid are pulling your staff from any and all directions.

It is because of these demands of real life that a ‘quick trip to the bank’ can turn into a few extra minutes away from the job. Time and attendance software gives you the means to track these incidents. When employees get a better idea of how long that ‘short break’ actually was, they tend to work harder when they are at their desk and schedule their time more effectively.

The Accountability Factor

One of the ways in which employees can better manage their time is to give them access to the kinds of tools they require to do that job. When an employee can actually track his or her own work time, it creates an accountability opportunity. Usually such an opportunity transitions into a more productive employee who can now see how to make better use of their time on the job.

The Buddy Punching Factor

With time and attendance software employees are forced to act for themselves when clocking in or clocking out for the day. The days when one employee would punch in for another to prevent the late arrival from becoming traceable are over. Sure, people get delayed at times but buddy punching ends up costing the company and results in something known as time theft.

The Paperwork Factor

Gone are the hours spent chasing after employee time cards, scheduling shifts, working out changes and edits to that schedule due to sick days, holiday time and other alterations. With time and attendance software the time spent putting together all of this data to aid the payroll department is now time that can be spent doing other, more meaningful management tasks.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that adopting time and attendance tracking software is going to clean up a number of different businesses that did not have such tools. While that may sound like a negative to some, the positives that can result far outweigh anything else. When employees see how their time on the job is spent, they get a better sense of responsibility to their employer and many will act accordingly. The goal is not to spook employees, the goal is to inspire them to use their time more effectively which results in higher productivity and increased morale across the board.

Sam Makad is Journalist and marketing consultant at Skyward Techno, Inc. that provides customised CRM and ERP software for the small and medium businesses. You can follow him through the buttons below.

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