What Do You Need as a Freelancer?

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Every freelancer knows that starting is the most challenging part because of how thinly spread out the jobs are. The demand fluctuates, and the freelancer should be able to weather those rising and ebbing tides. To ensure the number of jobs you can take, you need to deliver. It is common for employers to become repeat customers when they are satisfied with the quality of the job. To do that you need to be ready, here are some tools that you need to have:

Use social media accounts that showcase your work

Networking is an essential part of having a stable freelancing career. Not everyone who likes or follows your work might be an employer, but don’t underestimate what their patronage can do. Their numbers can boost your engagement and appear more frequently in other people’s timelines or explore page. This chain reaction could stretch far and wide until it catches the attention of a company interested in your services.

Interacting with your followers could lead to word of mouth recommendations. Becoming more well-known in the industry can lead to collaborations or partnerships that can introduce a new audience/market. Post frequently, but also smartly. Curate your feed with anecdotes that are either entertaining or informative, anything other than something which might harm the public’s perception of you and your work.

Be a part of freelancing websites to get jobs

Being a part of freelancing websites is also part of networking, except it has a more professional slant. If social media is to gain attention that may lead to jobs, these websites look for a guaranteed paycheck. Keep an eye out for jobs that make full use of your skill set, the more advanced—the better. The work you get from these sites can be used as a reference for future employers, whether you want to stay in freelancing or not.

Have a backup for doing work & connecting to clients when you are offline

An added benefit of being a freelancer is that your work is not limited to staying in front of a desk. The flexibility you gain may lead you to situations that take you away from internet service. These moments when you are not connected may seem like a refreshing break, but it pays to keep up your relationships. Keep your contacts close and backed up, you can use a corporate alumni app to have a comprehensive list of who you know and what they do. Freelancing work can also be done on the side when you need a job done (being the employer instead of the employee) you can use it as a reference for other people to hire.

You could say that a freelancer is a jack of all trades, a mini-company that specializes in a specific area of work. Why? It is because one person seeks out jobs available, hires employees (such as assistants), they interact with the client, they accomplish the task, and sort out the finances. Duties that are typically delegated to human resources, accounting, and talent management are all done by one person.

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