Reducing Internet Downtime Saves Businesses Money Over Time 

The Internet has over the years had a significant impact on the way business is done in many organizations. This is a major shift from the early adopters, who were using the Internet for simple tasks such as reaching out to audiences via websites and providing a resource for employees to communicate or conduct surveys and research – there was absolutely no way of measuring its impact on an organization’s bottom line. Continue reading

Online Banking for Beginners 

You’ve probably heard of online banking before, perhaps read about it in a brochure, seen it advertised on a poster or have overheard someone mentioning it, but you are fully content with doing your banking the regular way, that is, going to the bank to pay your bills, deposit checks, transfer funds manually. Sure, it’s a bit time consuming, but you leave the bank with a feeling of trust and comfort because you dealt with a human being. Continue reading

Taking Accounting to the Next Level 

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A lot of processes for business and other things have taken the paperless route thanks to the many innovations people have made and we are now taking advantage of. After all, it seemed like the next logical step after the ubiquity of information. While all these things are known to dramatically decrease people’s carbon footprints, there are more benefits to be seen. Continue reading

A 5-second Look at the Blackberry Q10 


The smartphone world is dominated by talk of Android and iOS devices, but Blackberry has been making significant headway in becoming relevant to the consumer market again. This year saw the release of the Blackberry 10 OS, the Blackberry Z10, and the Blackberry Q10. While Blackberry has focused on the business market in the past, it is now aiming for typical consumers. Continue reading

How to Secure Your Online Banking Account 

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Online banking is one of the conveniences of the modern age. With it, you can transfer money and pay your business phone systems bills among others with a keyboard and a click of your mouse. It must be said that this kind of convenience comes with a risk. If you use your bank’s online banking facility, you are always at the mercy of internet criminals waiting to trick you into handing them your hard earned money. Continue reading

Technologies that Greatly Reduce Marketing Costs 

Businesses adopt numerous ways that can help them reduce marketing costs to achieve success. This is particularly true for small market players such as the small to medium-size businesses. Unlike larger companies, they are all the more challenged to think of creative ways that can help them market their products effectively but without spending too much money. Continue reading

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