Promo Products Make a Difference 

Trade Show London

Promoting a business neither begins nor stop with a trade exhibition or a business conference. Such an event only requires a more devoted approach. Business popularization and promotion is done day-after-day, by taking small steps on the long staircase of becoming a recognizable and reliable business brand. Continue reading

Tips for SEO in 2015 

Success Graph

The SEO game has changed drastically over the last couple years and it left many digital marketers frustrated. Climbing search engine rankings within a week or two is now a thing of the past. Today’s digital marketing world reflects marketing in the real world. In order to be a good SEO in 2015, you will have to learn to be a good marketer. Continue reading

7 Resources Your Customers Will Love 

Website Resources. Photo by Serge Kij. License: CC BY 2.0.

A website is only as good as the parts it’s comprised of. If your website is lacking a particular piece, is confusingly crammed or just has all the wrong features, it could be falling short of its full potential. Every website is different and can thus benefit from different things, but there are some resources in particular that please most customers. Continue reading

Why American Businesses Don’t Always Get Social Media 

Social Networking

There is a strong stereotype about American businesses among non-American nations. Americans show up, make a lot of promises, act busy, and then disappear. Once a new venture is started in another country, a mysterious American manager might send flurries of emails to foreign employees, but few bother to make personal visits. Continue reading

6 Great Ideas for Themed Contests 

Themed Contests

Contests work best when they’re timely and relevant, and as fall descends and the holidays approach, there’s no better time to throw a themed contest. Themed contests can work in a wide variety ways. They can be built around holiday themes, or they can have a theme related more to your company’s brand. Continue reading

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