Build Your Business Through SMS Marketing 

Woman sending a text message on her mobile phone

Text message marketing is anything but fringe when it comes to driving business. In fact, Mshopper notes that successful SMS campaigns have huge potential, with engagement rates reaching eight times the level of typical email campaigns. A number of retailers, meanwhile, have managed conversion rates as high as 23 percent. Continue reading

How Trade Shows can Benefit Your Business 

Trade Show

In today’s world of modern technology, marketing through social media and the Internet are the popular tools for brand promotion. While most companies are taking advantage of digital advertising, traditional marketing strategies are still very popular and proven to be effective. Trade show is just one of the many ways on how to market your company’s product and services on a more personal and interactive approach. Continue reading

The Importance of Listening to Collective Wisdom 

How well you observe people as they interact with various technologies determines your ability to take stock of how they experience products, services, and the beneficial solutions they find in them. Consumers take to innovative products and services positively with an amazing amount of appreciation reflected in the way they patronize, perpetuate the value promise, and even “advertise” them for other consumers to experience. Continue reading

Technologies that Greatly Reduce Marketing Costs 

Businesses adopt numerous ways that can help them reduce marketing costs to achieve success. This is particularly true for small market players such as the small to medium-size businesses. Unlike larger companies, they are all the more challenged to think of creative ways that can help them market their products effectively but without spending too much money. Continue reading

8 Best Ways to Engage Customers in Your Ecommerce Website 

Does your website talk to people? Is it fun, exciting and engaging? How interactive is your site? These are just some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself if you want to have a killer ecommerce website. Many companies simply put their literature on a website hoping this will be enough to create maximum online impact. Well, that is hardly the case! Continue reading

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