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3 Ways for Digital Natives to Get Ahead in Business

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The average entrepreneur is becoming less and less accustomed to working from a fixed property. In this age of ad-hoc global communication, the next generation of Richard Bransons are more likely to be buccaneering globetrotters than stuffy office-bound workers.

Digital natives (people who were born in the age of the internet) are coming of age and looking for business opportunities online. They gain interest in their ideas through blogs, tweets and LinkedIn connections, not meeting people face-to-face.

But when a business becomes successful, it needs a base to work from. And that’s when the good old-fashioned methods come into their own.

Face-to-face meetings, viewing properties, working directly with staff – it’s all part and parcel of the average company.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to help any digital natives get to grips with the REAL world of business.

Talk to property experts

Investing in a commercial property is a major commitment, and finding one that suits your needs presents its own unique perils and pitfalls.

For one, many letting agents are essentially snake oil merchants who’ll provide you with politician’s answers at even the most basic questions.

Here’s an example of an exchange between you and a dodgy letting agent.You: So, does the property have central heating?

Dodgy Letting Agent: It’s comes complete with every utility you could want and, although bereft of standard heating operatives, its sun-facing windows provide ample heat even during the cold winter months.

You: So, it doesn’t have central heating?

Dodgy Letting Agent: Erm, no.

No one wants their agent running rings around them.

Find an adviser

There’s nothing like hearing some friendly advice from an older, more experienced businessperson. When you’re a young buck full of ideas, a more mature sounding wall can be exactly what you need to put the brakes on a concept that seems reckless.

When you’re searching for an adviser, make sure you find someone on the same wavelength as you, and make it clear that they are only being hired as an adviser. Someone more experienced than you could become bullish in their opinions if you contradict them, so make your relationship simple professionally.

Show you’re established

When a company is gaining steam, there’s always the risk that you’ll look like little more than a flash in the pan.

And it’s not enough to simply shrug off the naysayers and trundle on. Without confidence in your company from business leaders, you’ll struggle to build effective relationships that’ll take your plans to the next level.

Simple things like a landline and a receptionist can make you look established and stable. Invest in these simple business prospects and companies around you will start to take notice.

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