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4 Time Management Apps to Organize Your Life and Keep You on Track

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Feel like you need more time? No matter who you are and what you do, you are probably one of those who feel like they don’t have enough time to accomplish everything they wish they can do in a day. It is a limited resource and we all wish we have more of it. Unfortunately, we cannot. Everyone’s given the same amount of time and all we can do is effectively make use of the 24 hours.

It is easy to run out of time if you are not too conscious on how you spend it. Ineffective time management can take many forms. Whether it is distraction through social media or mobile games, procrastinating, or even projects that are taking more time than they should, there are many things that can waste our time daily. Wasted time means we have to make more adjustments: rushed deadlines, work-life imbalance, and a lot more stress.

Learning how to effectively use your time is not just about being able to do more. It also allows you to grow your business and care for yourself. And besides, who would want to work all day? Of course, most of us would want to have time to relax, be with the family, or bond with friends without sacrificing deadlines.

Use of Time Management Apps

Having difficulty managing your time? Try using apps. Using productivity apps is a great first step to improve your time management skills as this helps you measure and determine how much time you actually spend doing certain tasks or getting distracted.

Here are some of the top rated time management apps you can start using:

  1. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a time tracking software with screenshots and time analytics, which allows users to analyze how exactly they spend their time.

TimeDoctor not just to track time time worked but also provides a breakdown on how much time is spent per project or client. Aside from the time tracking feature, the app measures activity including keyboard use, mouse movement, and websites visited.

It is available in both web and mobile app version.

  1. RescueTime

RescueTime is also a time tracking app that records how and where one spends his time. Like TimeDoctor, it gives users insights on how much time they spend on their favorite websites versus work.

It also has a feature that allows you to block your to-go procrastination websites to avoid getting distracted and be able to achieve your daily goals.

  1. Trello

Trello is a project management software that let’s users easily sort through their daily tasks and collaborate with their team. Using Trello can help you organize your priorities. Instead of getting lost in a pile of emails, and Skype and Slack messages, Trello will serve as your digital bulletin board wherein you can drag and drop task from one card to another.

  1. Wunderlist

Coordinating with your friends and family is now easier with Wunderlist! This collaborative to-do list app lets you track, complete and share your goals in a single click. It is a handy project management app wherein one can easily assign tasks, add comments, and set due dates to team members.

Wunderlist is great for those who are always on the go. It is available in Android, iOs, and Windows Phone.

Learn what are the 15 best time management apps of 2017 and how you can use them in your daily routine. By having these time management apps on your phone or laptop, you are now fully prepared to go out there, get things done and be more productive with less stress.

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