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4 Ways Your Business Can Give Back

Give Back

If you own a small business or are the CEO of a major corporation, there are many ways you can use some of your profits and time to give back to the community. In addition to doing some good in the world, participating in philanthropic activities can help boost your company’s reputation. Here are four of the best ways your business can give back to the community.

Organize a Food Drive

You can organize a food drive and accept donations that will go to a local food bank or homeless shelter. All food items donated should be nonperishable so that they have a longer shelf life. Canned meats and vegetables, powdered milk and baby foods are some of the best items to give. Encouraging your employees to donate food items is a good start, and you can expand your efforts to include donations from other people and businesses within your community. To generate even more interest in your food drive, you might want to consider going to local media sources.

Start an Education Fund

Whether you want to organize a scholarship fund or donate money directly to schools in your area, starting an education fund is another effective way to do some charity work. You can donate money to help cover tuition costs at universities or purchase much-needed supplies and equipment for elementary and high schools. Azmi Mikati and other successful business professionals have found great success with these types of education programs and have helped many students further their academic studies. Plus, the money you set aside for an education fund can be deducted from your business taxes.

Donate to Cover Medical Costs

Many people cannot afford adequate health care coverage, and you can help these individuals out by donating some of your company’s profits to their cause. You can also start a charity drive that encourages your employees and other members of your community to donate certain medical supplies for hospitals and other medical facilities that are in need. You can likely find free clinics in your area that operate exclusively on donations, and your efforts can help keep these facilities open.

Host a Blood Drive

In addition to money and supplies, many blood banks and hospitals are in desperate need of healthy blood from qualified donors. The American Red Cross and other similar organizations will help you set up a blood drive if your business is able to host such an event. You can schedule times for your employees and other interested people to donate their blood. The organization you work with will be able to furnish all the necessary supplies for donating and even screen potential donors confidentially. You’ll further receive assistance on how to recruit more donors and run your blood drive in an organized fashion.

Giving back is always a rewarding experience, and there are several things your company can do to help people within your community. The extra time, money and effort you spend on these charitable activities will likely benefit your business significantly in the long run.

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