5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are Crucial for Your Business

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When you purchase a new product, do you prefer to read the instruction manual or watch an explainer video to understand how it works?

For many people, the answer is — explainer videos.

So, if you are still not producing explainer videos for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of engagement. But, increasing engagement is not the only reason you should invest in explainer videos.

This blog explores the various other reasons your brand needs an explainer video. Read on to find out!

1. Delivers information effectively

Often customers don’t purchase a product because it seems too complex or confusing. This happens because customers do not have enough information about the product. This is where explainer videos come into the picture.

98% of customers approach explainer videos to learn how a product or service works. This is because explainer videos can efficiently convert complicated information into understandable pieces.

In addition, explainer videos allow you to create compelling stories around your product or service.

2. Explainer videos can be used in each stage of the sales funnel

Every business uses a sales funnel to create marketing strategies. Each sales funnel stage has a different objective —awareness, consideration, and decision.

Typically, brands use different forms of content for each stage. But explainer videos can be used in each stage of the funnel and still deliver outstanding results.

This is because there are multiple types of explainer videos that you can produce for your brand. For example, here are the explainer videos you can create for each sales funnel stage.

  • Awareness stage — In this stage, the potential buyer becomes aware of the problem. So you need to create educational explainer videos that can introduce your brand to the customer. Here, brand awareness videos and corporate videos work best.
  • Consideration stage — Now, the customer has become aware of your brand. They compare different solutions available to them before deciding to buy. In this stage, you need to convey the benefits of your products to the potential customer. You can do this by creating product explainer videos.
  • Decision stage – This is the stage where the customer is ready to make a purchase. They are also considering purchasing from you. But they still need a little nudge. Creating a testimonial video can encourage these prospects to convert into actual customers.

Explainer videos for each sales funnel have different objectives and require different strategies. An experienced explainer video company can help you produce fantastic explainer videos for each funnel.

3. Explainer videos work as a great sales pitch

Explainer videos are open to more than just customer engagement. In fact, they can also be used as a sales pitch with potential business partners. Whiteboard explainer videos can convert boring and formal sales pitches into fun and engaging ones.

These videos also deliver your idea more effectively than regular presentations. Visualizing your ideas increases your chances of closing deals with business partners.

4. Explainer videos ensure higher information retention

Videos are among the most memorable type of content. People have a higher chance of recalling a video than an article they read. This is because our minds can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

For this reason, explainer videos can ensure that your message remains in the viewer’s minds long after they’ve finished watching. Furthermore, explainer videos elicit an emotional response from the viewer, resulting in increased brand awareness and recall.

5. Boosts SEO ranking

Explainer videos are among the most searched videos on the internet. This is because customers prefer learning about a product through videos rather than 10-page manuals. Recognizing this increased popularity of video content, search engines have started prioritizing web pages with video.

Now, web pages with explainer videos are ranked as the top results on Google. Similarly, other search engines like Yahoo and Bing also favor video content over other content formats.

As a result, producing explainer videos can increase your ranking on SERPs.

Popular Explainer Video Examples To Inspire Yours


This Explainer video example is explaining a product takes work, but demonstrating how a brand works is a new challenge. But this corporate explainer video by SwiftPass effectively explained what they do through exciting and appealing visuals.

The video used brand colors, smooth transitions, and clean animations to convert their complex service into an easily understandable solution.

How Google reacts in critical moments

Whenever we talk about explainer videos, it’s hard not to mention Google. The search engine giant has gained massive popularity for producing fun and engaging videos.

This video by Google is another of its masterpieces that explains how Google’s search engine quickly delivers relevant results to users, especially in critical moments.

Microsoft Whiteboard

In many situations, simplicity is better than extravagance. This fact was proven true by this video by Microsoft teams. The short video uses simple animations to explain how collaboration works on Microsoft whiteboard.

Though the video is only 30 seconds long, the seamless transitions and eye-catching illustrations make it highly engaging.

What is ClickUp?

Narrating a product’s benefits is more accessible, but visualizing those benefits can significantly impact the viewers. Using the same approach, ClickUp created an explainer video that showed the product’s benefits through captivating animations and an engaging script.

At the same time, the video also demonstrates how the product works easy to understand illustrations.

Osano – Cookies explainer Quickly

Cookies have become a constant part of our web surfing experience. But, many people don’t know what cookies exactly are. This video by Osano explains cookies and what they do in businesses in a simple and fun way.

The video combines humor and cartoon animations to keep the viewers attentive till the end.

Wrapping Up!

Great explainer videos can help brands create a distinct identity in the market. They can provide you with an edge over the competition. That is why producing explainer videos has become essential in the marketing world.

But only some explainer videos will be successful. Remember that your explainer video needs a strong script and high-quality visuals to engage viewers. So, consulting with an explainer video production company is recommended before producing your video.

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