5 Things You Can Do If You Were Released from Your Job


Being employed does not guarantee you permanent placement unless a bargaining agreement or employment contract covers you. If not, the employer can fire you at will. Your employer can release you with a valid reason, for example, if you breached company policy. This painful to a worker, knowing that they just lost their income. This is not the end of your career, so instead of panicking and stressing, you need a recovery strategy. When you are released from your job, you should consider following the tips below:

1. Get Legal Help

If your employer is forcing you out of your job for unjust reasons, it is crucial to get legal assistance right away. The lawyer will assess the reasons for the termination, whether it is outright discrimination or a public policy was broken. Your lawyer will also advise you on the possible legal options such as a compensation claim. When you are fired, you have the right to get termination pay.

2. Don’t Burn Bridges

When you are fired, emotions may eventually overwhelm you. You may feel like revenging on your employer or the company for ‘wrongful’ termination. Revenge is not right since you never know when you will need them. They may also change their mind. Also, some jobs require a referral letter from your former employer. Therefore, if you burn this bridge, you are also burning your career. However upset you are, do not plot revenge or expose the company. Just let bygones be bygones.

3. Allow Yourself To Grief

Losing a job is stressful, especially if it is the only source of income. To overcome the stress, do not deny this loss. Accept it as this is the first step to healing. Cry over it. Give yourself time to get over the pain will help you recharge and motivate you to start applying for other jobs. This pity party should not last more than a week.

4. Get Your Affairs In Order

When one door closes, another will surely open. This is just like opportunities. After your pity party, it is time to edit your resume and cover letter and apply for other jobs. Search for jobs online or contact your friends and family. Ask if they know of any openings. You can even opt to do additional training in your field to get a better chance of being employed. Keep applying for jobs and make sure you follow up. Alternatively, you can opt to start your own business where you will not be fired.

5. Don’t Be Too Proud To Accept A Lower Job

Regardless of your qualification, do not be too proud to accept a lower job. You still need to pay bills and eat as you wait to be hired. If you get a job that can keep you afloat, go for it as you keep applying for other jobs.

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