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8 Easy-to-Use Share Buttons for Your Blog

Great content is the most important aspect of your blog or website, hands down. But your content also needs to reach people in order to make any kind of an impact.

This is where social sharing comes into play. 73% of online adults are utilizing social media, and capitalizing on this will allow you and your content to reach a maximum potential audience.

It is your job to make social sharing of your content as easy as possible for your audience. Adding social share buttons and toolbars to your page is the best way to get your readers to share your content with others. Once added, you have already done half of the work for them and all they will need to do is simply click one button.

While having this resource on your blog or website is an absolute must, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is best for you since there are numerous options available. So I’ll share 8 easy-to-use share button tools to narrow the market down a bit.

1. AddThis


AddThis is an extremely popular option when it comes to social share buttons, with over 14 million websites using its service. With numerous icon options for sharing, following, and recommending content there really is something for everyone.

The basic version of AddThis provides you with buttons and basic analytics for free. The upgraded pro version is also available for $12 per month and boasts added features including share counters, widgets, personalized recommended content, and more.

2. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons

Available for WordPress, Easy Social Share Buttons is another great tool to get your content shared via social media. There are buttons for 18 social networks and 9 different templates to get a look that fits your blog perfectly.

At $12 a month, you also get counters, simple metrics, and a “Love This” button which helps you to figure out exactly what your audience likes.

3. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar is one of the best social sharing tools for your blog. It is fast, sleek, and as the name suggests, it floats on your page so the buttons are in your viewer’s eye line at all times. Along with being extremely easy to use, it is also free, so you can maximize your sharing capabilities for no cost.

4. Shareaholic


Shareaholic is visually one of my favorite sharing button services. The selection of icon styles is very appealing, and there is also an added feature of a “hand-written” note which makes it more personable. Because of this, it is a perfect option to incorporate a Pinterest button, which is an important social medium for any highly-visual website.

This tool is easily customizable and also offers analytics to better assess your content.

5. ShareThis


The ShareThis social media plugin is another top tier service. With a modern design and analytical support, it is a great option for bloggers and website publishers to get their content shared quickly.

Alongside their social sharing buttons and bars, ShareThis also offers advertising options that are a beneficial addition for those looking to increase traffic or sales even farther.

6. Social Media Tabs

Social Media Tabs

Social Media Tabs enables you to create sliding tabs for your social media sites. This allows you to have one smaller widget that can either stay in one area of your page or slide out from the side of the site.

Easily customizable icons and the showcase of other users who already “like” or “follow” your site makes this tool visually appealing to those looking for a human aspect.

7. Social Toolbar

Social Toolbar

Minimalistic yet colorful, Social Toolbar is another one of my favorite social sharing tools. Instead of individual icons, they are arranged on a customizable colored bar that can be easily situated onto your page.

While any blog can visually benefit from Social Toolbar, those with more mobile based content will be happy hear that it is fully responsive on mobile technology mediums. Both a free and an $8.99 per month pro version are available depending on your individual needs.

8. Sociable


Lastly, Sociable is another popular social sharing plugin tool. It has over 1.5 million downloads and is a solid staple in the social sharing button market at no cost to you.

Both Sociable and its counterpart, Sociable Skyscraper, offer you a degree of customization and the ability to easily connect with your audience. An added perk of the Skyscraper version is that it allows you to add a rating system to your blog to get even more feedback.

Kayla Matthews is a business and technology blogger with a passion for lifehacking and productivity tips.

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