Bitcoin vs. Stocks: Where Should You Invest?


When searching for an investment that will suit your personal preferences and promise profits that will actually be relevant, many find themselves comparing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to the age-old option of stocks. However, it can be quite a trying decision to make considering each hosts its own pros and cons list. The surge of the Bitcoin price has impressed many and while countless investors and users of the digital currency have agreed that they wish they had invested sooner, the volatility of the currency is alarming for others. When it comes to the stock market, constant economic concerns have swayed the minds of many.

Bitcoin Performance Growth

Even though Bitcoin had somewhat of an alarming start when it first became a known digital currency and many regions laid restrictions, with some even banning the currency completely, the time has cleared the doubts of many and the currency is stronger than ever. When comparing Bitcoin today to popular stock investments, such as Amazon and others, Bitcoin reigns supreme in terms of performance. The digital currency price increase outshines that of FANG assets significantly and as a result, countless investors around the world have opted to invest in the valuable currency revolution. You can now buy BTC in India, where previously, the currency was tightly restricted and regulated.

Bitcoins Impressive Resilience

Some may agree that the economy has been struggling for decades with ongoing crisis and general foggy clarity regarding the financial future of stocks. However, when it comes to Bitcoin, the technical resilience behind the currency proves that the revolutionary digital currency promises steady medium-term growth regardless of multi-year downturns. Therefore, the digital currency is generally considered a safer investment despite volatility concerns that seem to be the only significant issue.

Steady Network

While stocks can be quite a gamble, especially if you are investing large amounts to uncertain assets, Bitcoins network has never been hacked thanks to the extremely alluring network strength. This is an element of the currency that many find exceptionally appealing as governments and other entities retain absolutely no right to the currency or the blockchain network that it functions on. There are so many reasons that Bitcoin value seems to constantly increase despite economic uncertainty and the ever-strengthening network is a comfort for many who consider stocks somewhat too risky.

The Currency That Could Save The Financial Future

With so many theories doing their rounds on social media, many are left crippled with financial future anxiety with regards to the novel Covid19 virus outbreak. While speculations regarding the worlds financial future may be enough to set anyone back, there is some level of reason to believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not be as affected as stocks during this time. When comparing the shocking impacts the outbreak has had on the stock market to the impacts on the Bitcoin price, there is reason to believe that Bitcoin would be a far safer investment, especially during global economic uncertainty.

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