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Designing a winning business website requires a key set of foundational knowledge about the ways in which that website will be utilized. Understanding how a website will be utilized by web users is vital to the process of designing.

Once you can fully visualize what web users need from your business in the digital realm, you will be more fully equipped to create a successful site design. Start building your knowledge now, and check out a quick summary of a few of the most important aspects of a winning website design.

Navigational options are vital

Speaking in terms of foundational design aspects, you have to make sure to provide a way to move around your business website. Without a navigational system built into your design, web users won’t have the ability to experience all of your various content.

The most common way web designers provide movement in their design is to add a stationary navigation bar to the top of the layout. Stationary navigation provides the user the ability to effectively search through all the content of your website without getting lost in confusion.

Communication is priority

Your business depends on the ability to communicate. Communication within and outside of your organization is the key to success in so many different ways, but most certainly in the way of web design.

Your business website clearly needs a “Contact Us” page but you have to add other pleas for communication throughout your design as well. Add a contact phone number to your homepage or a small comment box below your blog posts.

Mobile optimization is necessary

Your business website has to account for the shift to the mobile web. Mobile devices are so popular in today’s culture, that mobile access to the internet is now more prevalent than that of the PC or laptop.

The quickest way to set your website up for mobile access is to incorporate “media queries” into your design. Media queries will make it so that your website automatically adapts to the size of the screen accessing its content. There will no longer be a need for pinching and swiping when accessing your business website from a smartphone or tablet.

Break into the social scene

The social scene of the internet is where all the action is in terms of marketing and visibility. If you can get people talking about your website on their social media page, then you’ve broken through to a free marketing medium.

Include social media sharing buttons at pivotal points throughout your business website design. People need the ability to share on a whim, and your content should be worthy of sharing.

Learn how to beat the system

Well, it’s really learning how to work with the system. Search engine optimization will teach you how Google’s search algorithm works, and help you to design for better rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Invest your mind and resources into learning and incorporating the concepts of SEO, and your business website will thrive.

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