Caveman to CEO: 4 Ways To Bring Your Business Out of The Stone Age Now


Is your business stuck in the Stone Age? If your main market focus is still centered around direct mailers, it is time to revamp your campaigns so that you can keep up with all of the competitors in your industry that are utilizing the Internet to expand their businesses. In today’s day and age, you cannot reasonably succeed without using advanced marketing tools. Here are 4 ways that you can ‘get with the times’ and expand your business at the same time.

1. Create a Facebook Page and Make Sure to Manage It

Creating a Facebook account for your business is not all that difficult, but managing the account is a whole different story. If you are trying to roll out new social media marketing campaigns on a small business budget, consider using tools like AgoraPulse so that you can use your profile statistics to see how many fans that you are reaching. Not only can you access real-time statistics, you can also use recommendations to develop unique content that will make an impact.

2. Real Optimized YouTube Videos for Your Audience

If you know about YouTube, you probably know that it is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Consumers today would much rather be engaged with a YouTube video than a marketing postcard. While YouTube view counts give you an idea of how many people view each video post on your account, you do not truly know how long the video is being watched unless you use tools that give you access to an Audience Retention Report. This report will show you which video content is keeping the viewer’s attention, so that you can modify your approach if it is not working.

3. Call Routing and Tracking

If you have an inbound call center for sales, you know how frustrating it can be for your clients to get a new person every time they call. If you want your sales professionals to close more sales, call tracking and routing is the answer. Not only will the inbound calls go directly to the person assigned to the lead, you can track advertisement response rates to see which advertising methods are persuading your targeted niche to call in.

4. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Skills and Expertise page can tell your which keywords you can use to optimize your social profile, how to get in contact with key influencers, and which companies you should target. If you want to build strong connections with the right people in today’s modern times, use this page to your advantage.

While traditional marketing methods can help you retain your clients, they should be used in conjunction with modern marketing methods. It is time to stop being afraid of technology so that you can benefit from everything that software programs and applications have to offer. After all, the Internet is not going anywhere and programs will only continue to get more advanced.

Co-authored by expert Michael Miles.

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