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How Do Some Celebs Keep Their Life Private While Others Make Millions From It?


Personal privacy is a double-edged sword. While it allows people to hide their identities and keep their information confidential, it also prevents them from being popular to the masses. As a result, some people – celebrities in general – open their personal lives for the general public to see.

What’s striking is that while a lot of people these days crave for fame and attention, many celebrities are now moving towards keeping their private lives away from prying eyes.

Social media is a pretty confusing field in terms of privacy. While users can set their preferred privacy settings on their social media accounts, some of the content may be viewed by friends who can distribute them in their own walls if they want to. In other words, social media has blurred the lines between going public and keeping things private.

How Celebrities Balance Privacy and Popularity

Celebrities find it difficult to hide their private lives, mainly because a lot of their followers wait like hawks for updates. However, many of them have managed to keep their privacy intact. At the same time, they can still post updates about them whenever and however they want to.

Here are some ways that celebrities have successfully juggled privacy and fame in their everyday lives:

Using strong passwords

Sure, most celebrities may be too busy keying in a long and complicated password. However, using strong passwords are extremely helpful in making sure that nobody else has access to their files. There’s nothing wrong with frequent updates on social networking sites, but no one else should log into your accounts but you.

Avoiding the use of questionable online apps

There are a lot of malware and spam posing as legit online apps, but can actually give hackers the opportunity to steal information from anyone. Celebrities need to steer clear of these kinds of apps in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Hiring experts in privacy management

Some people have devoted their lives to helping famous people become more private. These privacy management professionals can help celebrities and famous personalities with their privacy concerns.

Addressing unauthorized picture taking

Because anyone can take pictures of others in public places, the best way to avoid stolen shots of you is to be careful where you’re going. If you’re expecting to go to a public area, make sure that you are ready for paparazzi and fans who will flock around you for pictures.

In a worst-case scenario, you can always ask legal counsel if you find out that someone has taken a picture of you without your knowledge or permission.

Control what you share online

No matter how strong your defense against hackers and paparazzi is, it won’t matter if you share private information openly. Unfortunately, this is a common issue for social media users who unknowingly post sensitive information – such as birthday, family pictures, phone number, and home address – on their profile pages.

In other words, you need to know which information you want to keep private, and which ones you want to share to the world.

In the end, you need to choose which one is more important to you: popularity or privacy. Your answer should help you get started on how to proceed with your public updates.

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