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How Copyright Lawyers Can Help You


Nothing is more important to an inventor or a composer than owning their material legally. Known as copyrights, these are the rights to one’s material such that nobody else can claim it. Anybody who reproduces your material has to pay you a fee.

To secure copyrights, you need the assistance of copyright lawyers. These lawyers assist people to own their intellectual property legally. They are well trained in copyright law. As such, they can help you to secure full rights to your material. Copyright lawyers can work independently or within a law firm.

Some law firms specialize in the protection of intellectual property. They have the skills to provide legal advice on:

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Trade secrets
  5. Franchise law
  6. Registration of domain names
  7. IP auditing
  8. Protection of intellectual property abroad

The copyright lawyers in these firms apply their skills practically to assist clients to secure the above aspects. A copyright lawyer can help to protect an idea from its conception to its real application.

Origin and scope of copyright law

This category of law was established to provide legal protection for original compositions made by individuals or organizations. This type of law covers:

  • Lyrics and musical arrangements
  • Books, poems, journals and other works of literature
  • Architectural creations
  • Choreography
  • Movies, documentaries and other motion picture productions
  • Sculptures and paintings
  • Computer software

The main purpose of copyrights is to protect the interests of the creator of these works. Thanks to copyrights, another person cannot copy these works and claim ownership. This would be directly breaking copyright law.

Copyrights last for the lifetime of their holder. They also last for 70 or 95 years after their holder is deceased. This is especially in a case where the copyrights were created for legal hiring to a corporation or another party.

The importance of applying for a copyright

Officially known as copyright registration, this is the process through which an inventor or composer can apply to get copyrights for their material. When the copyrights are registered, a public record of the authored works is made.

The main importance of performing a copyright registration is that it makes it possible to sue another party if they infringe on your copyrights. Thanks to the registered copyrights, the party that you sue can award you statutory damages as well as claim payment for attorney’s fees.


Copyrights are very important for composers and other people who make a living in the arts. They prove that certain works belong to them. In addition to that, the period of copyright ownership is so long that the children of these artists and authors can benefit from them.

It is advised that you navigate copyright ownership under the guidance of a lawyer. They have skills and knowledge about copyright law. As a result, they are much more efficient in filing and registering copyrights for you than if you did it yourself.

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