Cut Back and Save: Ways to Pay for Your Family Getaway

Sell StockEveryone enjoys a family getaway. Unfortunately, your average holiday isn’t cheap. Flights, hotels and everything else involved can cost a lot of money; something few of us have. As such, if you’re looking for ways to cut back and save money, you’re going to need a few tips and techniques to help you along the way.

To this end, here are a number of things you can do. Whether it’s simple budgeting, understanding how spring cleaning can help generate cash or the benefits of a dedicated piggy bank, there are always options for you to pursue. These are all things I’ve learnt or seen put into highly effective practice; if you’re looking to save money, these are all valid options.


If you’re looking at an expensive holiday, you should consider budgeting. Budgeting is the art of cutting back on expenses and opening of more of your income; in this case, the money would go towards your holiday. Of course, the more time you have to budget, the more you can save.

Look at key areas that can be cut down. This includes shopping and other bills, as well as unnecessary costs. The more you cut down here and there, the greater amount of money remains at the end of the month. This can accumulate each month into sizeable savings, giving you more options when it comes to buying a family holiday this year.

Selling Unwanted Clutter

Likewise, there’s also plenty of cash in your current home, sitting in the form of unwanted stuff. This can include anything from old mobile phones and CDs to game consoles and other gadgets and devices. I can tell you from experience just how much can be made from selling my stuff online. It’s quick, simple and can yield a surprising result.

At the very least, it generates money from something that wasn’t otherwise being used. Not only does this turn your household clutter into potential cash, it gives you an incentive to do a spot of spring cleaning and find all the unwanted and unused items in the process.

Savings Jar

Get PaidFinally, one of the best ways to keep track of your savings is to use a savings jar, or some visible form of measurement. This allows you something to physically collect money. This means all loose change can be put in, and any other savings you make throughout the week and month. It may also help to take this money out of the bank; whilst it’s easy to think of money in the bank as potential, it’s also easy to spend this on other matters.

In short, it’s simple to spend money we can’t see. Having a jar or piggy bank not only gives you an actual objective you can watch, it’s easier to designate money for your holiday. Whether this is money saved through budgeting and cutting back or the money acquired from selling your old stuff, watching the funds grow can be a rewarding part of the process, and offer strong motivation.

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