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How to Deliver Modern Customer Experience with Chatbots?


Today, customers interact with brands in more ways than ever, across unique channels, devices, and time zones. While technology and automation have obviously taken businesses to the next level and made the modern customer experience much noisier.

Multiple customer interactions happen 24×7, and many fly below the radar.

Bain & Company survey found out that 80% of businesses had delivered “superior customer experience.”

In this age of hyper connectivity, brands can engage their customers in more innovative ways to go beyond their expectations and deliver great customer experience. Here are 6 different ways to deliver a modern customer experience.

1. Use Automation

“Chatbots are making their way into the landscape of customer relations with the opportunity and promise to offer a better customer experience.” Oliver Laborde

You can use AI-powered chatbots to automate the sales and customer support process to handle common customer queries 24×7. With chatbots, you can convert your potential prospects into leads and escalate to the sales team for further process.

As it is said chatbots are key tools of good integrated customer experiences. Here are the following ways how bots can enhance customer experience:

  • 24×7 support: With AI-powered chatbots, businesses can engage their customers 24×7 to answer common queries when the agents are not available.
  • Collect customer information: With chatbots, you can collect customer data such as name, email, etc.that can be used in the future.
  • Reduce support tickets: Chatbots can answer all the information based queries made by the customers that reduce the number of support tickets raised by the customers.
  • Human handover for complex queries: When bots do not understand the question, it is escalated to the human agent for resolution.

2. Humanize support

Have you ever reached out to help desk number and experienced the annoying robotized voice repeating the instructions?

Live chat is one of the best tools that can humanize your customer support. With live chat app, you are straight away connected with a human agent for personalized support. This is one of the major reasons why 92% of customers prefer using live chat for customer support.

Live chat offers humanized support for complex queries by using live engagement tools to deliver better customer experience. The agents do not follow automated instructions instead rather offers effective guidance and suggestions in a friendly way. Is not that great!

Live chat adds human touch to improve the customer experience as:

  • Live chat is conversational – Live chat allows support agents to make chats interactive and meaningful by using video chat and co-browsing solution. Interacting directly with customers allows for faster resolution.
  • Live chat can be personalized – With live chat, you can personalize your chats and builds trust in customers.

3. Keep UX/UI as priority

The visual interface plays a major role in customer service and helps to enhance the customer experience. Those businesses who focus over the visual concept exceed their negligent competitors.

Business Insider reports say over a 10-year span, the stock price of companies that placed a premium on design excellence outpaced the S&P Index by almost 220%. An appealing design requires a deep understanding of how your business fulfills your customer needs.

Airbnb for example – When there was an audit Airbnb website failed to impress due to the dull pictures and descriptions of properties. Airbnb changed it by taking website design seriously. It hired professional photographers and content writers to create property profiles.

And it worked! The beautiful property profiles doubled the revenue in a week.

4. Customer service is a part of CX

Exceptional customer service improves the customer experience and retains them with your brand for a long time. The satisfied customers are not only repeat customers but also turn out to be your brand advocates with positive word of mouth.

Satisfied customers become loyal customers and are ready to pay more happily.

Reports say 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

You need to better manage VIP customers. You can filter enterprise or long-term customers to ensure timely responses. They may have different needs; set them up for success by getting them with what they are looking for.

5. Consistent experience

Consistency cannot be overlooked while interacting with customers over channels such as website, social media, email. It should not vary from one channel to another. It is important for support teams to maintain consistency in tone and approach they follow.

Consistent customer experience across channels helps in the following ways:

  • Elevates business growth by gaining new customers by delivering 24×7 real time support.
  • Deliver superior experience to customers by high-quality real time services and develop a lasting relationship with customers.
  • Provide faster resolution increases customer satisfaction and turn customers into brand advocates.
  • Know your customer’s preferred channels and be active to engage customers round the clock.

6. Deliver real time assistance

When you improve your customer communication ways it develops a long term impact on your business. Many businesses engage customers with a combination of different channels and platforms.

Businesses should invest in customer engagement strategies to interact with your customers in an effective manner. Using live engagement tools like co-browsing and video chat helps to deliver better chat experience.

The tools allow agents can guide customers effectively in real time and deliver a delightful experience in the following ways:

  • Collaborate with the customer browser and guide virtually across the form fill up or the application process.
  • Acquire first-hand knowledge of the issue and deliver fater resolution in the first contact.
  • Communicate with your customers directly and make conversations interactive and effective.
  • Personalize your chat conversations with live engagement tools and develop trust and loyalty in customers.

Video chat is the best option for communicating any kind of technical process for better understanding of the customers. It can be combined with live chat and co-browsing to make the chat effective and reduce the resolution time to 2-3x.

Thus when customers are engaged with the live engagement tools, the chat conversations become interactive that boost customer satisfaction rates and improve customer experience.


Hopefully, the top ways discussed above helps your business to deliver a modern customer experience. Implement the ways that work best for your business and you will be really surprised to see how loyal your customers become to your brand.

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