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Employee’s Guide to the Top 5 Causes Of Accidents At Work

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Your employer has a lot of responsibility when you are working for them. It is their legal duty to provide you with a safe workplace, and also to ensure you understand how to carry out your tasks in a safe way. Why, then, are accidents at work still so common?

The truth is that most accidents at work – almost 80% – are the fault of employees. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, which we are going to look at today. Let’s get started right away.


Working too hard? If so, you are running the risk of having an accident at work. We all like to try and impress our employers and keep on top of things. However, if it comes at a cost, you might be better off putting on the brakes a little. Just like it does when you are driving, fatigue can cause you to be careless and take your eye off the ball. You will have slower reflexes, impaired judgment and your responses to emergencies will be slower, too.


The staff kitchen or restrooms are the locations for most common accidents at work – slips. Kitchens and bathroom areas often have tiled floors, and, they can be hazardous when anyone spills anything. They can also be dangerous after being cleaned or waxed. In these cases, it is the duty of your employer to ensure hazard signs are placed in the relevant area. You might be eligible to contact an accident lawyer if it is down to your employer, but, again, most slipping incidents are caused by employees.


Most trips occur in the workplace due to people leaving objects in high traffic areas. Trailing extension cords are another common reason. Poor lighting in hallways and stairs are also accident hotspots. Again, it can be difficult to attribute blame unless there is clear evidence of who is responsible.

Taking shortcuts

Over-familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. And, it’s never truer than in the workplace. We all get a little used to the routine, and it causes us to take our eyes off the ball. It might be overconfidence in the knowledge of our surroundings. It might be sheer laziness. But, taking shortcuts is one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. It is vital always to be on your guard, even if you are used to the same old routines day in day out. While you might think an accident will never happen to you, it’s during these moments they become more likely.

Disregarding safety procedures

Employers should do their utmost to furnish you with the correct safety procedures. And, for the most part, they will give you everything you need. The trouble is, not everyone listens. In simple terms, if you neglect to follow your company’s safety procedures, you will be more likely to have an accident. Finally, if you receive serious injuries, it’s going to be difficult to get any compensation if it looks like it is your fault.

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