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Important Points to Remember While Hiring a Marquee


It is pretty challenging to hire the right marquee as it is a key factor and plays a pivotal role in the ultimate success of any event. Some simple mistakes while hiring a marquee could be spelling disaster. You must keep some important points in mind while you are hiring a marquee for an annual business conference, or a wedding in the family, or an anniversary party.

The Number of Guests/Invitees

First and foremost, it is important to know the number of people you would be entertaining. Take the headcount. It makes no sense if you are hosting a particular event and space is totally crammed. Nobody would enjoy such a party or meet. On the other hand, if you hire a spacious marquee but the number of guests is very small then it would look really like some ghost town. So knowing the number of people invited for the occasion really counts and is an important aspect of marquee hire. Tell the company how many people would be turning up and they will help you find an appropriate marquee that would be of a perfect size to suit the occasion.

Book Well In Advance

You should not wait until the last moment to do the bookings. Do not assume that you could manage everything at the drop of a hat. If your event is coming up in the busy season, it is better to be safe, so get in touch with the most reliable marquee hire company and do advance booking. If you wish to rule out unnecessary stress at the last moment, make this issue your top priority. If you leave it for later, you may have to settle for the wrong-sized marquee or a marquee that is not appropriate for your occasion. It is better to book your marquee well in advance by putting in the deposit for locking in your precise date. You could opt for a reliable marquee hire by booking it well in advance of the date of the event or celebration.

Determine the Extras Required

You could book a marquee independently or you could opt for a package that would be including event-appropriate furniture, food, decor etc. Suppose you are booking a marquee for a wedding and around 300 guests would be attending the event. You would be requiring a superb dance floor and lots of space to enjoy the stimulating night. You would need appropriate furniture too. It is essential to tell the hire company what exactly you are looking for. Only then, your event could become a truly memorable one and could be a grand success.

Chalk Out a Budget

Before discussing with the marquee hire company, the various aspects, and extras you need, it is better to have a pre-determined budget as that would make planning the event much easier. If you have a budget in mind, you could easily narrow your choices and do not forget to stick to your budget as that would ensure that you are not wasting your money and precious time.


You must consider the venue’s requirements while planning your event. You must know if they expect same day removal, whether they are allowing marquees in specific locations etc. You must find out all important information regarding the venue before initiating any discussions with the marquee hire company. Last but not the least; you must make sure that the marquee hire company is insured. They must have public liability insurance as that would safeguard you against any liability for damages or repairs to the property.

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