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Looking at Influencers and Social Media E-Commerce with Brabble Founder, Patrick Mackaronis

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Social media has become a powerhouse method for digital marketers worldwide. The ability to build an international network of followers and subscribers has allowed e-commerce to flourish on a global scale and build a strong market source for digital marketers everywhere.

Social marketplaces now facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) direct sales between users and other users and have in many ways turned the traditional merchant-consumer relationship on its head.

One entrepreneur and his team took this idea and refined it in an all-in-one social media platform called Brabble.

Brabble was founded in 2013 with a mission of building upon the burgeoning P2P e-commerce community by integrating our sharing culture and social media profiles to create familiarity and rapport between users. Its founder, Patrick Mackaronis, now serves as the company’s director of business development, overseeing the innovations that will set Brabble apart from other P2P platforms.

Why Authenticity Matters in P2P Platforms

In the realm of online purchasing platforms, websites like Craigslist and Kijiji offer little sense of identity within their P2P integrated sales forums. The advertisements posted are anonymous and security is minimal between users, in part because there is no social aspect to these P2P mediums.

At the helm of this e-commerce community are the leaders of social media brands that have harnessed the tools from Facebook and Instagram to develop online identities that foster trust between users. These leaders are known as influencers and their ability to create real bonds between users online has increased validity and trust by other users in products that these influencers endorse.

Social media influencers are significant in niche markets and are influential for younger or harder to reach demographics. These influencers are valuable to those who use digital marketing through social media posts to increase brand awareness.

The key to influencer success is their ability to foster real connections with audiences and other users, through engagement and utilizing media to foster a sense of familiarity between the influencer and their followers. In doing so, it generates a link between the person and the brands they represent. Subsequently, this creates a sense of trust.

In a marketplace where social media and e-commerce are in many ways converging, Brabble has harnessed the marketability of social media influencers and the power and authenticity of social sharing to allow both people and businesses to integrate their e-commerce sales directly into social media profiles in a secure and trustworthy way.

Patrick Mackaronis adds, “Being able to share information with your friends – that’s important and obviously at the heart of social media.  But, being able to integrate functional, easy-to-use e-commerce into this, so that people can buy and sell with their friends and other communities they trust – that’s providing another powerful level of integration.”

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