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Talking about the user engagement, Instagram with its more than 600 million users has lapped other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter according to the latest research. It has now become quite important to get the heavy traffic and high figure of followers on Instagram. With having more number of followers, you can have many benefits as you can boost up your sales, keep an eye on the brand loyalty, and have a proper brand recognition.

But if you are confused about how to get a large number of followers, here are some short and quick tips you should follow to get more engagement to your Instagram profile.

Set a goal

It is difficult to understand that whether your marketing strategy is working for your company or not if you have not set the proper objectives and goals to be achieved. Thus, at the start of the marketing campaign on Instagram, set your objectives very clearly so that you can gauge the success of your campaign later on. You will be able to look for things you have done, the changes which are needed to be made in the campaign, the success level of your tweaks or if you should continue the existing marketing strategy or not after you could trace of the completion level of your goals.

Post the relatable content

Well, this looks obvious, right? However, it is quite important to mention. If you post the great, relatable, engaging content on your account, people will like to follow you. So, take some moments out to look at each picture carefully, add filters, or edit them so that they seem professional.

Post content regularly

Posting the amazing content on a regular basis is another major thing for increasing the number of followers. It reveals to users that you are engaged, interactive and active when you put the fresh content on your Instagram account page. It is not necessary that you post daily, but make sure that you publish the content once in a week. The consistency is a pillar to success, but your timing of making posts also matters.

The latest research has revealed that few the hours of the day are better to make a post than the remaining parts of the day. The study done by the researchers of came showed that 2 AM to 5 PM are the best hours to make the posts during the week as this is the time of high user engagement.

It is good to consider posting on the high traffic hours. However, always be sure about which kind of audiences you are focusing at. If your followers are great potential job doers, then they would be at work from 9 to 5. They may find some time to look into their Instagram accounts during their lunch break or after they have been finished with the job. If your followers are college going students, make the post late nights instead of day time.

Launch an Instagram contest or an ad campaign

People go after the free content – and this is the best way to strengthen the engagement. There are many various types of the contests which can be arranged online which involve people being asked to follow you and to win various products. This kind of persuasion includes two side benefits – your followers get the stuff, and you get the followership.

Apart from running Ad campaigns, you can also pay some bucks and get Instant Instagram likes and followers.

Hashtags, likes, comments and captions

You need to catch the attention of users for if you want them to follow you. Hashtags are one of the perfect ways to catch the user’s attention. Once they reach to your account while doing the keyword search, they will love your content and will continue to follow your account.

The great captions also help in engaging the users – and a sure way to catch the people following you more passionately is to add questions in the captions. Like the Toms, a shoemaking company gives its followers the chance to take some actions, and in the recent campaign they inspired people to throw up the remarks and responses while asking them, “what are you up to resolve in the upcoming year?”.

Regardless of all the basic and certain rules and tips, you can make your unique way to get the better followership. But above are some general tips and quick tricks mentioned to help you out. Updating the favorable content, and keeping it alive by doing the regular posts are two major and the most effective approaches to getting the large fan following, which is faithful and eager to get a word about your brand.

Make the post at the peak times of the day while keeping your audience in focus so that you could reach to the right type of followers and engage with them in a proper way. Make your account a solid and attractive place to be visited by the followers by using the hashtags, likes, captions, and comments. All these things play a major role to attract the potential followers.

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