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How Investing Can Earn You a Dream Job

While being an investor is cool in-and-of itself, many people who make investments are doing it to reach a larger end goal. If you have a dream job that seems to be too far out of reach, then read this article about how investing can help you reach that goal.

Afford an Advanced Education

College Savings

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Advanced educations are an investment of time, finances, and mental faculties. The National Review’s Cost/Benefit analysis displays how much of an investment is required of students. However, before you can consider making that investment to college, you have to save up the money to pay for college. A lot of people who lack fast cash get discouraged and discount the reality of earning a degree that leads to a dream job.

Choosing savvy investment options and monitoring them closely can easily lead to enough savings for an advanced education over time. If your dream job requires a degree, then this is surely a route to success to consider. No one is too old to begin saving for college: many classes have 80 year-old graduating class members.

Take Time Off to Travel & Learn

Work On Vacation

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People who invest for a living can often afford to take luxurious vacations. Why? Because investors can work from anywhere, their vacations only cost the surface prices of hotels and rental cars (without the loss of income from leaving work for several weeks).

Additionally, investors are more mobile than the normal workforce. They can take their laptops to the business seminars that will prepare them for other dream jobs. They can take their smartphones into TED Talks and learn about the world while monitoring investments. Options for investor travel and training are endless.

Save for a New Business Venture

Hot Dog Truck

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While many people consider being an investor the end goal, there are those investors who are doing the job to secure other dreamy vocations. Some investors use their profitable career to parlay money into savings that will eventually launch personal businesses. Finding your dream job might be difficult, but maybe you were always destined to create your own dream job. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with business ideas during a career transition.

For example, an investor could save for a few years, and then have a large enough nest egg to open a gourmet hot dog truck. If your dream is to sling fancy franks until your dying days, then investments can get you there. All that is required is an open mind, diligence, and a cute truck.

Proceed With Caution: Invest Wisely!


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There are many success stories to acknowledge. However, for every person who has successfully invested and become self-sustaining, there are a slew of unlucky investors who hastily placed cash in the wrong avenue. Here are a few tips for safe investment strategies:

  • Take the time to research investment opportunities.
  • Consider your budget, and what you can easily lose (just in case that happens).
  • Talk to others, read the papers, watch the television reports, and know which industry insiders have accurate knowledge about your investments. By watching every possible source closely, you can know when to get out of a declining investment before the curve.

By making wise investments and never giving up you can get your dream job. Choose to be proactive and you will find yourself a notable example for others with dreams, like Ken Fisher.

Annie Davis is a full-time writer whose interests run the gamut from fiction to finance. She enjoys researching new topics and making them easy to understand.

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