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Items Often Overlooked in a Small Business Budget That Are Needed for Success

Business Growth Arrows

Good budgeting is key to the success of any small business. Money is tight, and you can’t afford to spend it frivolously or recklessly. You need to know where every dollar is going, and you need to make sure that your whole budget is working to protect and grow your business.

When you are budgeting, you are already thinking of things like inventory and payroll. However, you might not be thinking of these often overlooked items that are needed for the success of your small business:

Pest Control

What do you think your customers will think if they see a roach running across the service counter while they are checking out? Or, worse, if they see it while they are eating in your restaurant? Pests in your business can tell customers that you don’t maintain high standards, and they will naturally think that extends to all aspects of your business.

Moxie Pest Control advises small businesses to get on a monthly maintenance plan for pest control. That way, pests won’t have a chance to spread in your business. You’ll keep them out right from the start, and you won’t have to worry about an infestation.

Cleaning Services

Keeping the inside of your business clean is one way to keep out pests. But keeping your business clean is also a way to let your customers know that you have the highest standards for everything you do. A clean business looks professional and instills trust.

Don’t waste time or payroll hours on cleaning your business. Instead, budget to hire a local service. The crew can come at night when no one is there, and you will find your business sparkling clean each morning. You can hire a service to do daily tasks, as well as long-term maintenance.


You’ll make an impression on your potential clients before they ever step foot in your business. If the outside of your business looks polished and clean, you will leave a professional and positive impression. The best way you can do that is to ensure that your grounds are clean and well-landscaped.

Your budget should include a monthly allowance for a groundskeeper or landscaper. Tasks should include mowing the lawn (if any), trimming bushes, fertilizing and watering plants, and planting annuals. You don’t need a landscape design that looks like it came off the cover of a magazine, but a few bushes and flowers will go a long way.


Good marketing can help your small business grow quickly, but you may not yet have enough in your budget to pay a good marketing firm. However, you should be able to budget a bit for promotions, such as pens with your company name on them or monthly contests for social media.

Attend local events to promote your business, such as festivals and trade fairs. Have plenty of swag to hand out, as well as literature about your business. Be sure there is enough in the monthly budget for all of it.

Employee Morale Boosters

Yes, you are paying your employees, but if you want them to feel really good about working for you, you need to do more. Include some money in the budget for things that will boost employee morale, such as monthly picnics, holiday parties, or even quarterly bonuses.

Morale isn’t just about making your employees feel better. When morale is high, employees are more productive and they are more committed to your company. That means that they will help your company grow and secure its long-term success.

Proper budget is key to the success of your small business, but you need to know what all to include in that budget. A budget is no good at all if it’s missing items that can help your business grow. Make sure you are not overlooking these commonly missed items in your budget. They may seem like optional items, but if you think through the benefits they offer you, you will realize that they are invaluable to your growth and long-term success. Take a look at your budget and revise it if necessary.

Ashley Andrews is a part time blogger and full time adventurer. She is currently living life on the west coast and enjoys writing about anything that sparks her interest. Find her relaxing in the sun with a good book.

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