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How Lawyers Can Gain Clients and Promote Their Practice through Facebook

Facebook-LogoPromoting your practice on social media sites such as Facebook is a free and easy way to promote your business and gain new clients. With 750 million users, Facebook is the fast way to turn followers into customers. If you haven’t started using Facebook to promote your practice, chances are your competitors have. In a few simple steps, your practice can utilize the benefits of using Facebook to gain new clientele.

Create A Facebook Page to Promote Your Practice

Your practice can gain clients with a Facebook page or a profile. A Facebook page allows customers to “like” your listing while profiles allow your practice to make “friends” out of potential customers. It is strongly recommended that businesses choose a Facebook page as this option provides widgets that collect statistics on traffic to your page. Having a page rather than a profile allows your practice to have an unlimited number of fans. A Facebook page is an excellent way to interact with potential customers and encourage fans to join your mailing list.

Facebook Social Campaigns

For a small fee, you can enhance your Facebook page with a social media campaign designed by a provider such as Constant Contact. The software entices users to like your Facebook page with incentives and publishes reminders to keep established followers interested in your business. These incentives are shared to other social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr where more potential customers see your page. You can run your social campaign for as long as you like, but the most successful ones last two to three weeks.

Sponsored Stories on Facebook

To share a customer’s testimonial of how your services have benefited them, use Facebook to turn their posts into a sponsored story. This story can be featured on your business page in bold print for your potential customers to see. This feature provides a personal touch to potential customers and demonstrates the value of your services.

Create an Interactive Group on Facebook

In addition to creating a Facebook business page, a Facebook group is an excellent way to interact with followers. Your practice can start a group tailored to the type of legal services offered and hold answer sessions with potential customers. This is a great way to build a relationship with clients who need your services. Followers who participate in the group will likely refer your business to friends.

Share Blogs and External Links to The Facebook Web Page

Facebook pages are an excellent place to share links to websites, blogs, and other outside sources pertaining to your business. If a follower finds a particular post helpful, it is likely they too will share it on their favorite social media sites.

Purchase Ads on Facebook to Promote Business

Purchasing Ads on Facebook is an investment that allows business to gain exposure to a selective market. Law practices can purchase advertising packages that target users by age, gender, location, interests. Facebook ads can be customized to drive traffic to a business Facebook page or directly to the business webpage.
Social media is smart, free, and opportunist approach to promoting a business. Facebook is an excellent medium for lawyers to be an integral part of the social community and build a long term relationship with a limitless amount of potential customers.

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