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Are You Doing Everything You Can To Keep Your Office Safe?

Office Safety

If you’re running a business, we are sure you are aware how important it is to keep health and safety levels high. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a personal injury lawsuit could be the death sentence for your business. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds, both professionally and personally. In fact, many businesses lately have been snowed under with PI claims, with people stating the office they worked in was dangerous. You don’t want to be next. That’s why you need to ask an important question. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your business premises is safe?

Appoint Health And Safety Officers

You should have health and safety officers appointed in your business. These are people, typically trained in first aid who deal with health and safety issues in the office. They can be whoever you like as long as they are working full time for the company. But you should make sure that you choose people who are willing to take the position seriously. They will be the first point of authority when an accident occurs in your business. After the accident, they will then decide whether the next person in command needs to be informed. By doing this, you create a chain of command that is established as a health and safety procedure.

Keep Your Office Clean

You would be amazed by how many accidents and incidents are caused simply because an office has been left unclean and untidy. There is no excuse for this, particularly when there are commercial cleaning services available for hire online. Without a service like this, it’s likely that your business premises will be left in a condition where there are numerous hazards. A spill left on the floor could cause someone to slip and twist their ankle. A loose wire, hanging out from a desk could cause someone to trip over. You need to be aware of these types of hazards and be proactive about preventing them.

Employee Training

You may also want to consider regular updating the training of your employees. All members of your staff should be thoroughly trained in health and safety. They should be able to recognise a hazard and know how to resolve it themselves. By ensuring this is the case, people in your office will watch health and safety levels themselves. It’s untrue to say that the majority of employees want to suffer an injury at work. Most would much rather avoid the hassle and continue to be fit for their job. If you help them understand health and safety they’ll help you protect your business from a lawsuit.

Legal Assistance

Finally, it is recommended that you do on occasion get professional legal advice. Health and safety rules and regulations change constantly. You need to be up to date with the latest measures that could affect your business. A human resources team can help here, providing the legal counsel you need and helping you deal with any issues with employees.

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