Online Side Hustles That Can Offer Financial Freedom to Those Willing to Work Hard

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Being able to earn from the comfort of home offers people more financial stability than ever before. Not having to commute to another job and creating your own schedule makes the online side hustle the ultimate option. The side hustle best for an individual depends on the time they have to spend on this other source of income. The skills the person possesses also are important and will impact earning potential online. There are skills like web development that is going to earn far more money than something like data entry. 20 hours a week of extra work can allow an individual to save more money than before. If a side hustle is lucrative enough this can turn into a full-time gig which allows the person to work from anywhere in the world. The following are online side hustles as well as tips to get started and be successful earning online.

Freelance Writing

The world of freelance writing has changed immensely after the internet became so prevalent. Finding writing jobs is quite easy on freelancer platforms as well as content creation companies. These companies hire freelancers as it is far easier to scale as large projects could require thousands of articles. Bringing on writers in-house simply is not practical when there are freelancers that can produce the same quality at a fraction of the price. Take a look at signing up for as many companies that need writers as possible. Once you figure out which companies pay the most per word and have consistent work it will be easier to know what projects to reject or accept.

Drop Shipping Store

A drop shipping store is run correctly can be immensely profitable but there are several variables to consider. Drop shipping is a form of business where a partnership is made between the seller and wholesaler. This does not require the online seller to have any inventory as the wholesaler handles the shipping. The right wholesaler ships on time, always has inventory, and communicates if something is going wrong. Picking the right products with decent margins is important with many drop shippers having multiple successful products in their online store.

Buying And Reselling Items

A multitude of money can be made simply by buying and reselling items online. All a person has to do is get a scanner to see how much a certain item is selling for online. This will require you to leave your home but all you will have to do is see which items are selling on Amazon or eBay at the highest rates. This is for the hustler who is willing to purchase items in bulk to make a few hundred dollars. Unlike the other side hustles mentioned this will be far more difficult to stabilize the extra income you are making monthly. With this being said one great deal can yield thousands of dollars in profit depending on the volume of products purchased.

Website Design

Those that understand how to build a website and best practices to do so in 2019 can make quite a bit of money freelancing. There is a drawback to this though as people with web design skills usually work in some form of design. Doing the same job for 12 to 14 hours per day can be draining and make it hard to rejuvenate day after day. Burnout in this circumstance is common but not having the regulations that many companies have when freelancing allows a designer to tap into their creative side. Utilize freelancer platforms as the last thing anyone wants is to be stiffed on payment which happens to freelancers more than many people can imagine.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant does not have to be complicated as many companies just need help doing odd jobs. This could include data entry, replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and proofreading pitches. People that are extremely organized can thrive in this role and can be a great way to bulk up a resume with new skills learned. Working with executives at large companies as a virtual assistant can lead to further career opportunities. You might have to set your hourly rate a little lower for your first few projects but once you have gained a reputation on a freelancer platform you can increase it.

The online side hustle allows those that work hard to earn far more money than if they just worked their traditional job. One tip is to keep money aside for tax purposes as the income will be reported to the IRS on all major freelancer and payment platforms. Find your online side hustle ASAP and start profiting!

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