Pieces of Wisdom from “The Princess Bride” for your Online Marketing Campaign

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Even though it would seem that the highly volatile and fast-paced world of online marketing and a whimsical, medieval tale of true love and high adventure would have little in common, looks can be deceiving. For most things in life, a close look at the classic film The Princess Bride will inevitably bring out valuable wisdom that is true from Texas to Tacoma, from Florida to Fresno. This is especially true for those looking to boost their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a bold content writing and social media marketing campaign.

Here are some tips that will keep your business’s marketing plan from feeling, “… Friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless!” And, they may just keep you from feeling like you’re, “Unemployed… in Greenland!”

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

In this technological-driven age of marketing, it is best not to know the true definition of the word inconceivable because what is inconceivable today doesn’t stay that way very long. In marketing you have to stay ahead of the curve. Video streaming, for example, is getting better within social media marketing and the creativity behind video posts is more and more intricate. New business apps like Messenger for Business are expanding the range of communication a business can have with its customer base while making it more personal.

“I ought to tell you something… I’m not left handed either.”

In the movie, Wesley was ambidextrous; so was Inigo for that matter. Both were able to fight effectively with either hand. In the world of content marketing, increasing your SEO numbers is a matter of being able to approach the battle in different ways and choosing your best option for each, individual situation.

You can do this by expanding your platforms of communication. Since the social media phenomenon has exploded within marketing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have emerged as “the big three”. While these platforms still have HUGE user bases, there are new players in the game. Sulia is a platform that works to filter out irrelevant material for its users and platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest, which have been around awhile, are seeing great growth in their advertising because of their highly effective visual formats.

“You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less…”

Media marketing is complicated, but it is definitely not as bleak as a land war in Asia. Still, costly blunders are often made. The largest of which is treating your social media and content marketing strategy as an afterthought or extra. There is incredible power in the reach of cyber-marketing. Many companies make the mistake of pouring half-hearted content onto their sites without doing the leg work required to achieve the relevancy that is more and more essential when trying to create a broader customer base. Give the people what they need; teach things while trying to sell things and take the time to thoroughly focus on the right, most effective audience.

So, if your marketing strategy makes you feel like you’re shimmying up the Cliffs of Insanity while hoisting three people with you; one of whom is a short, bald-headed heckler, then win the battle of wits with such Vezzini voices in your head by eliminating the possibilities of wrong choices: expand your vision, increase your efficiency and work hard.

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