Pre-Employment Background Checks – What They Look Like

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If you are a job applicant who has made it to the recruiter’s short list, it is highly likely that the employer will require a background check. Background checks on job applicants are carried out before they begin working. The process may involve scrutinizing your employment history, criminal records and financial status.

When employers run background checks, their aim is to verify information that pertains to you and whether or not you pose a safety hazard to them. Job seekers can prepare for the process by making sure that they are not misrepresented by wrong information that may stop them from getting the job of their dreams.

Reference and Background Checks

Job applications usually include professional references that the employer will be able to check on as well as personal references. Job seekers can prepare their references before a reference check is conducted.

A background check on the other hand, provides detailed information about you and your history. Employers use the checks to confirm the information that you have already provided them with. Information ranges from basic details such as work experience to additional information that is used to find out if you are hiding anything.

Verifiable Information about Job Applicants

An employer will usually be on the lookout for adverse situations or behavior that may affect your ability to do the job. This may be classified as personal information that reveals more about your finances, criminal status and driving record. Confirming this type of information after making a job offer is an important step for most employers.

Verifiable information that you can go through includes your identity, education and work history. Information about your identity is used to verify that you are actually the person that you claim to be. Education details include degrees and any other academic accomplishments that you claim to have attained. Your employment history is based on where you have worked before and the duration of work experience that is outlined in your resume.

Preparing for Background Checks

  • Job applicants can prepare for the background check process by making sure that they have access to relevant documentation that can be used to verify the claims in their applications. If a recruiter needs to find details about you, all they have to do is invest in a background check.
  • An online search can reveal a lot about you and this is why you need to ensure that your identity and background is accurate in the digital sphere. Evaluating the information about you that employers can access is essential for your job search.
  • Make sure that your publicly available records are correct and be aware of the information that has been provided about you. This will ensure that when you receive a job offer, inaccurate or negative information in the background check will not interfere with your job hunting goals.


As you prepare for a job interview, you need to spend ample time on your background check. Preparing for the background check is a good way to enhance the prospect of being hired. The reasons for background checks include keeping workplaces safe and avoiding claims of negligible hiring.

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