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How to Set Up a Home Office That Allows You to Get Work Done

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When you are stuck at home but real-world responsibilities still require you to be at work, you usually have a set spot in your home where you complete that work. This is called your home office. It can be any room in your home where you get work done, but it should be somewhere where you are able to focus without any outside distractions. This way, you get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

Where should you put your home office?

You should make sure that you put your office somewhere where it is not only hard for outside noises to bother you but inside noises as well. If you have a large family, the basement, garage, or attic is the best place to put your home office. This way, you are far away from any distractions that could take you away from work. However, if you have a small apartment, your bedroom is a good place to put your home office as bedrooms are usually very concealed, and a lot quieter than the rest of the home.

Place new, softer lighting in your home office so you can adjust brightness in the room

You should make sure that you have softer lighting in your home office. Getting the right lighting and other home changes help when you are working at home.

A lot of people turn to renovate a certain room in their house when they are stuck working at home, and lighting is one of the first things that people change. You can have an adjustable light that allows you to change the brightness, or you can just have a softer bulb that makes the room look calmer. It is entirely up to you.

How can you set up your home office in a way that allows you to focus easily?

In order to get the most out of your home office, you need to actually get work done while in the room. A lot of people have difficulty focusing in their home offices because they are so used to being home and not working. Here are a few easy ways you can turn a room in your home into the best home office that will allow you to access that workflow that you find when you are actually at work and not at home.

Paint the walls

A lot of people find that it is much easier to concentrate when the walls are painted a specific color that is meant to help you focus. It has been proven many times that certain colors activate certain moods and emotions in our brains when we see them consistently. To help you find a sense of calm and focus in your home office, take a look at these paint options:

  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Dark blue
  • Maroon

The trick is to find a color that won’t make you sleepy but will allow you to find a sense of calm within your mind so that you aren’t racing your thoughts to get work done.

Put down decorations that won’t distract you but still keep you calm

Find calming pictures that you love and hang them around the room. Pick out a fake plant and put it in the corner. You can add little figurines to your desk. All of these things will bring you to a world where you are actually at work, even when you are just one room away from your family. Don’t leave the room looking the same way it did before you started working from home or else you won’t get your work done at an appropriate pace.

Comfortable furniture but not too comfortable

You want to make sure that you have furniture that reminds you of something that you would have at work. A comfortable two-seat sofa, a leather chair, and things like that. You have to have something comfortable to work on, but you want it to capture the same feeling as the furniture at work.

Buy a speaker that can play soft music to keep you focused

And finally, a portable speaker so you can play soft music as you get work done. Even if you don’t usually listen to music at work, it can help you focus a lot more if you have a speaker playing soft music behind the scenes at home. You will find that you are more productive when there is classical music playing.

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