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Shipping Goods from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse: What Are Your Options?

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The rapid increase in the number of online stores is so evident. From toys and shoes to home-care products, people can actually get whatever they need online. In the United States alone, the ecommerce arena is worth more than $220 billion dollars annually. Talking of ecommerce, what often comes to the mind of many people is this platform that is proving to be the world’s biggest retailer; Amazon.

With more than 183 million visitors every month, it is understandable why this platform has taken the entire ecommerce arena by storm. It allows various people from around the world to list their products for sale. Even more interestingly, Amazon comes with a unique fulfilment solution. Through Fulfilment by Amazon, sellers can easily send various items to Amazon warehouses before shipping those items to customers. If you pair such a product with low-cost China manufacturing, what you get is an incredible combination.

For someone who is wondering how to ship from China to Amazon FBA, you have two major options. You can ship the products from the supplier directly to Amazon warehouses. There is also the other option of having the products directly sent to you. The choice is yours.

Direct shipping to Amazon FBA

Direct shipping from China to FBA warehouses comes with several advantages and challenges. For one, less transit time is involved for one who chooses direct shipping. The products simply move from the manufacturers to the targeted customers. For someone who wants to quickly take products into and out of the Amazon store, this is a great option.

It is notable that those who choose this route must be ready to take care of prepaid duties. If you are shipping several products, the entire process can get very expensive. If you are out to embrace direct shipment from China to Amazon FBA, there is an essential need to ensure all your products are Delivered Duty Paid.

Using a third party fulfilment company

This is a great option as it comes with multiple benefits. For one, it saves the sellers the worry of manual inspection of the products. This greatly reduces any chances of errors while shipping. Notably, it takes more time for your shipment to get to Amazon through third party fulfilment companies.

There is always need to ensure all products are checked before delivery. This ensures higher client satisfaction rates. In essence, you will have very few incidences of rejected shipments to deal with. This results from improved quality control.

Depending on what appears flexible and what you need, you can choose to use third parties in shipping from China to FBA. This is a great option for industry novices. Such an option also comes handy when sending various quantities of different products all at the same time. On the other hand, you have the option of shipping directly to FBA warehouse from China. This option is favourable for those shipping less items and those who know one or two suppliers who can guarantee great services.

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