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Social Media’s Real Worth

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Social Media, perhaps more so than any other development in digital marketing always seems to elicit a certain expression of puzzlement, saturated with undertones of skepticism and doubt. “What is actually the deal? Is anything being produced? Are there any real world implications?” It is certainly true that the intangible nature of these online communicative tools can sometimes be very difficult to relate to.

Undoubtedly, even amongst many “expert” social media professionals, the tendency to muse and suspect that their posts, tweets, and pictures seem to simply get submitted into the abyss of the Internet without any real world effect is unavoidable. Of course, these analysts know that this is not really the case and with an effective analytics report, they can in fact see precisely the effect of their social media efforts.

Still, I cannot help but appreciate this sentiment of doubt that the average user of social media applications may feel when tweeting about his/her favorite weekly blog. The worth of investing both financial and time centered resources is something that is almost impossible to ignore.

I think mentioning these (perhaps legitimate) considerations is a good launching point to reaffirm the central and original purpose of social media: connection. Before worrying about conversion rates, leads, site traffic and other fancy terms, remember that your goal is to connect with your readers.

Try not to get too caught up in micromanaging the digital effects of each individual social media engagement. This is true for two key reasons. The first is that to a certain extent, these worries carry some weight. One tweet is most likely not going to change your life – neither is that cool pic you just posted on Pinterest. Therefore, it is important to consider Social Media marketing as a process whose success depends on the accumulation of a variety of SM efforts over a long period of time. Pay your dues with constant effort and attention.

The second reason, and one that is admittedly a far less likely scenario, is that one tweet may change your life. Imagine if your tweet is read by the right person (“right” as defined by your own individual industry) and decides that you are now the person he/she needs as the new department head. Your social media brilliance captivated this individual and now you are going to be handsomely rewarded! Far fetched? Yes. Possible. You bet ya. The only way to succeed in the game of social media is to focus on the immediate value you are contributing to your readers and viewers. Don’t get bogged down on the details and keep pushing forward. Success will follow.

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