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As a small business owner, you are probably faced with at least one ad or email per day telling you to use this product or that to vault you into the next level of success. Promises of super success, stellar organization, and more plague your every digital move, and it’s ludicrous to believe you’ll ever have time to go through every detail.

As an entrepreneur, you’re busy, and busy is most likely an understatement. We’ve got your back. Just read through a brief overview of some of the most necessary software tools for small business owners, and you’re direction will be clear.

Get that money

If you plan to make any money with your small business, you’ll need an effective, safe way to receive payments. In a technology based world, convenience and efficiency are top priority. You need a tool that will be flexible, secure, and most of all mobile.

Make sure you always get that money with the right software platform. Check out what PayAnywhere has to offer. Their services won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you’re business will be setup to take payment in many forms.

Communication is key

Keeping an opened line of communication flowing between the company professionals, customers, and yourself is a key factor of your success as a business. The more functional your communication operations are, the better equipped you are as a business owner to perfect your products and services.

There is a wide array of software solutions for the cause of communication, but here are a few that should be noted.

  • Skype – Use Skype for all your video conferencing needs.
  • MailChimp – MailChimp is an excellent tool for reaching out to your customer base through email. Your email marketing campaign will never be the same after incorporating MailChimp.
  • Slack – The functionality of Slack is unparalleled. Not only are there several fun features, Slack offers first-class services in file-sharing, video calling, and more.

Financial organization

You will need a functional tool to help manage all of your financial odds and ends. There’s no way you’ll ever keep up with everything on your own. Let technology make it easier, and check out the features of Wave.

Wave is a free, web-based accounting and invoicing tool. This business assistant will handle payroll, payment records, receipt management, and even your personal finances (if you so choose).

Digital file backups and management

It’s vital to the longevity of your organization that you are able to keep the necessary records and files managed and accessible at all times. You’ll need software that can handle years of services and records.

Dropbox will manage your files with ease, and offers several added security features for your peace of mind. Dropbox is free to begin, but you will eventually need more space. You can purchase added storage over time for a small rental fee.

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