Strip Back Your Services, Unclutter Your Home And Save Some Money Too

TV Subscriptions

Over the years, due to developments in technology, we have all gone through a lot of changes in our homes. Thinking back, it’s weird to think that when we bought this or that piece of equipment we imagined it would be indispensable for years. Then the next thing came along and it was relegated to storage space. In case we needed it, we told ourselves. In case nuclear winter knocked our communication systems back to “earlier this decade”, presumably.

The thing about so much of the technology we have come to depend upon is that it has brought with it a lot of equipment, and a lot of subscriptions. We pay for satellite or cable TV, we pay for phones (landline and cell), and for any number of additions. And we accumulate a lot of cables and various other peripheral stuff in our homes. And yet, when we look for a phone charger, we can’t remember where we put it. We could blame the kids, but it’s really our fault

There is a lot to be said for stripping everything back. With clever use of resources we already have, it is possible to keep all of the services we need, and most that we want, without as much clutter. With kids around, do you really want all those cables? And you can save a few dollars, too.

1. Do You Need Your TV Subscriptions?

Most of us pay out to a cable or wireless supplier for the benefit of TV services we’re using less and less. If you got a particularly good deal on it as part of a package, that’s fine. But what are you actually paying for. Most TV services are available online and we’re increasingly using On Demand services.

Fewer than ever actually watch what’s on TV when it’s on TV, choosing to binge watch via a streaming service or download a box set. If you’re disciplined about what you want to watch, you can remove the need for a TV subscription. For event TV, must-watch one-offs, there are always day passes available.

2. How Often Do You Use Your Landline?

Phone Landline

We’re still kind of wedded to our fixed phone services in many cases. There is something about sitting on the sofa with the handset and talking to someone we’re close with. But now that pretty much everyone is online, it increasingly makes sense to use VoIP services which allow you to video chat. They’re every bit as convenient as the landline, and use a more secure connection than your smartphone.

3. Time To Say Goodbye To Your CDs?

It’s fair to say there are now grown adults who love music but have never bought a CD. Downloading music has been with us for long enough that that must be the case. But a great many of us young and old still have our collections.

The thing is, they take up space and we’re not really using them as much now. With fast fiber internet services like Frontier FiOS, we can stream music without hang-ups. Change your service often enough, and you can get premium service for free for most of the year!

There is no doubt that there will still be some place in our hearts for a bit more nostalgia. But there’s no need to be nostalgic for earlier this decade. Strip things back and be ready for more progress.

Beth Jones is a valued contributor to various blogs.

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