Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Signage Templates

Digital Signage

In addition to giving your brand visual identity, using the best digital signage templates communicates your products to your clientele. You achieve this by optimizing your signage for the best readability through various design elements such as colors, structure, orientation, and text among others.

Note that designing digital signage templates is a task best left to professionals, and it is advisable to hire a good designer for the best results. The following are some guidelines used in designing digital signage templates:

1. Structure your template using rows, columns and categories

Structured menu content is easily understood by customers, making it is easy for them to decide what to order. For instance, customers can easily understand all your drinks offerings when all your drinks are displayed in one area. Additionally, customers can easily understand your content from a distance when you use rows and columns to structure content within categories. For example, rows separate individual items while columns separate row names and prices.

2. Arrange your text hierarchically

Use text size and/or weight to create hierarchy of text, with category headings being the largest or boldest, sub categories being the second largest, and prices/descriptions/items being the least in size or boldness. The minimum font size you should use is ~26-40 pixels (20-30 pt). As a rule, for every increment of 10 feet in viewing distance, the text size should increase by an inch.

3. Move customers’ eyes with proper balance

In order for the customer to make the best buying decision, they need to view all the content you have on your digital display. If you have more than one screen, create a balance between the size and color of images displayed on all your screens. Also, avoid concentrating the visual weight on one side of a screen to improve the chances of the customers seeing all your content.

4. Use images wisely

Deciding on how many images to include on your display is not an exact science. However, be careful not to use too many images as they may take away from your design. It is imperative that the images compliment the textual information on your digital signage. As a matter of fact, some digital displays may look best without any images.

Likewise, experts advise you to use your own, professional images. Some businesses have been criticized for the photo shopped stock images they use for marketing.

5. Minimize saturation and harsh contrast

Saturated or high contrast color combinations are difficult to read and tire the eyes out quickly so avoid using them on background, images and text.

6. Communicate your brand

The overall theme, color scheme and text layout you use on your digital signage visually symbolizes your brand. Choose colors from your store, logo and website to conceptualize a digital signage template that suits you.

7. Give your digital signage content breathing space

Increase the visibility of your content and improve its definition by creating negative space around it. Surrounding your images/text with empty spaces ensures that your display doesn’t appear too cluttered or crowded.

Photo by Marcin Wichary.

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