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Tips For Better Monitoring Of Your Business’s Online Presence

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Everyone tells you that you need to have your business online and where online it needs to be, but they don’t always delve into what it is you need to be paying attention to if you want to ensure your online efforts are making a difference. What you post online will seriously determine the popularity of your post or website. The purpose of your app will determine how many people download it (nope, not the price, the content and the purpose are more important).

Posting on Facebook is important, but are you paying attention to what that post is doing? Here are some of the things your business should be doing online, and how to keep track of the performance of these things.


When it comes to creating an app you are doing a huge service to your business. Many people have smartphones these days and aside from talking and texting, people enjoy apps of all kinds on their phones. Your app could be a favorite, but how do you know?

If you have an app that costs people money you can probably track how many people are downloading it by how much money you are making. However, it can be less tedious for you to keep track by finding a company that does the monitoring for you.


There are all sorts of options when it comes to tracking your website and you can find out what which pages are the most popular. Take a quick moment to search on Google to see where you’re listed, then check a site like Alexa to see your actual views.

You should also have a counter app on your website. This will let you know when new people stop by, although it may also count your random visits as well.


Your blog is basically the same as your website, so you can check your views in much the same ways. You can also get an idea of how well people are enjoying your blog by blog comments. Try recommending readers comment by finishing off your post with a question of some sort to help them feel like it’s OK to interact with you in this way.

Social Media

Some social media sites, Facebook mainly, have options available for getting a look at analytics. Go to your business page, click on Insights, and go from there. You can also find apps that will help you track analytics on your various social media accounts.

With so many different social media sites that are a must for businesses to get the most out of their online promotions, it is a must to have some help so that you can make sure your posts are actually doing the job you want them to do.

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