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The United States has a diverse number of industries where someone can work. It includes the heavy industries, manufacturing industries, agricultural industries, and the high tech industries. The population has the right to choose where they want to work, and some of the industries would require certain skills for someone to be marked as fit to work.

An individual who wanted to enter the heavy industries would need to have skills in performing different tasks, such as welding, and they should also know the difference between its many types. Friction stir welding, for example, is one of the most common welding methods performed in the heavy industry. Friction stir welding uses a non-consumable tool to join two facing workpieces without melting the workpiece material. Individuals interested in this industry would need to prove that they can perform this task seamlessly. Visit to learn more about this technique.

If you are prepared to enter the heavy industries workforce, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. There are other top industries in the country to work, such as the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the light rail industry, and the marine products industry.

United States Automotive Industry

The automobile is undeniably the most popular form of transport for Americans. The industry experienced a massive meltdown back in 2008 as the economic crisis began, but the industry was able to make a comeback since then. According to a statistic in 2016, more than 113 million cars have driven across the streets of the United States. In California, there are around 15 million cars driven every day. There is a decrease in the number of cars purchased in 2017, but it is related to the shifting mindset of the American consumers that their vehicles should be reliable and can be driven for more than three years before they are forced to buy another one. Many people are buying light trucks, with an additional three million buyers in 2018.

The American automakers are still among the best companies to invest in. Foreign automakers are also doing well in the United States, and according to the experts in the industry, the automobile market will keep on growing and expanding as more people are demanding new vehicles to drive.

United States Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry in the United States is one of the most powerful in the country. They have five major markets – general aviation, commercial airlines, military aircraft, missiles, and space. The American aerospace industry is considered as the largest on the planet. It employs half a million individuals where more than a quarter are technicians, engineers, and scientists. The industry is experiencing a steady growth of 14% annually, and it is projected to increase in the years to come. With plans of space exploration and solar system colonization in the future, the aerospace industry would experience massive changes and an increase in profitability.

United States Light Rail Industry

The light rail industry refers to the commuter trains that are plying the city railroad tracks in the United States. This industry serves the masses, and it is among the largest industries in the country. With the advancement in rail technology, the rail industry continues to transform. Many cities in the United States are slowly being connected by light rails, and there are ambitious projects that would create multiple light rail connections all over the country. In the future, experts believe that light rail will be one of the most common modes of transport for the American people.

United States Marine Production Industry

The marine production industry in the United States consists mostly of shellfish and salmon. Alaska and the Pacific states are the important hotbeds of salmon production, while the East Coast provides the majority of shellfish caught in the United States. The industry continues to grow, and it managed to generate a $1.4 billion profit back in 2010. This figure is expected to rise as there are new technologies introduced to increase the number of marine production catches, and there are new methods and techniques applied by fishermen who want to make huge catches.

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