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Top Reasons to Use Custom Boxes for Shipping

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With a large chunk of contemporary retailing being done online, there has been a boom in the use of boxes of various sizes and configurations to ship the products to the homes of customers. From what may have started out as an incremental and substantial cost to retailers, custom boxes have now emerged as yet another valuable opportunity in the never-ending battle for customer engagement and branding. The erstwhile plain brown cardboard box has undergone a vast transformation and is now being actively used to woo and lock in customers. A brief overview of some of the universally acknowledged benefits of custom boxes:

Custom Boxes Ensure Good Packaging

From being mere boring containers of goods, custom boxes have come a long way of being ambassadors of the product quality by being consistent and qualitatively superior. Right from a box for shoes to a box for an expensive camera or a laptop, the shipping box too has now the need to keep pace with the contents within. It is the belief of consumer psychologists that a vital aspect of the shopping experience starts with the arrival of the shipping box at the customer’s home as it lies on the table in anticipation of being unboxed. The customer’s sense of excitement is heightened by the appearance of the box and the quality of its construction a promise and indicator of the quality of the contents.

This is very logical as for example you would be very disappointed if the presentation binders that you had purchased were delivered to you in a box that was shoddy. You would not have been blamed for immediately thinking that the product inside would be as tacky and you would be in for a disappointing experience. Thus the fundamental use of custom shipping boxes would be to ensure that not only is the product delivered in a good condition but also to ensure that its appearance is in keeping with the status of the product within. The appearance of the box is also a very good indicator of how much the business cares for its customers; a plain box could very well send down wrong signals of apathy.

Custom Boxes Ensure Superior Branding

In very real and physical terms, the arrival of the shipping box at the doorstep represents the very first interaction of the product that people have purchased online or ordered over the phone. The packing of the goods in a plain brown cardboard box does not do anything apart from keeping the contents safe during transit. While this is definitely a prime function of the box, most businesses have now realized that the opportunity can be very well converted to one that can be used to reinforce the branding of the business in the customer’s mind. The opportunity of exposing the brand right on the box even before the consumer had a chance to open it is invaluable as this a very good way of associating the business’s brand with all the positive association of the product. With repeated use, the branded custom box itself will become a representative of genuine worth and goodwill.

Custom Boxes Ensure Superior Shopping Experience

When the volumes are right, shipping products in custom boxes works out to be cheaper than using standard size boxes. This is because the product now fits in more snugly into the box. In the unboxing experience, the customer does not have to deal with extra packing material that would have to be disposed in a responsible manner. The use of a custom shipping box automatically signals that the business takes more care of its customers, and that the business cares enough about its reputation to put its name right on the outside of the box for all the world to see. When the customer purchases products form reputed businesses, it makes him feel proud to be able to demonstrate it to the external world with the branding on the custom box. The feeling of pride adds to the enhancement of the entire shopping experience, and leads to the creation of goodwill that undergoes a multiplier effect with customers recommending the business to others because they are highly satisfied with the shopping experience.

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