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Decorating your workplace after your own taste is one of the best things you can do for your focus on work and creativity input. Studies have shown that certain colors and shapes directly influence centers in our brain that control lubrication of certain hormones, such as hormones of happiness, sadness, etc. and further relate to how much creativity and hard work we will invest in whatever it is that we do. Plus, as far as the research claims, productivity and comfort are interrelated which only means you need to create a comfort friendly environment for the work to start happening.

Consider some of the following ways for decorating in order to increase overall productivity and project the right image to your clients.

Improve your layout

Take a good look at the location of office equipment and where employees sit. Then, consider re-arranging things in order to improve the overall flow of your office. Put printers, fax machines, scanners and similar equipment in areas that are easy to access. They will now not be in the way and create extra clutter and plus the office will look and feel much more comfortable. If most of the time is spent in team-working, consider seating work teams or departments together in shared areas or cubicles (if you think it will improve productivity).

Use mobile furniture

Your business is going to expand in time which is why it’s best you use mobile furniture. You can easily reconfigure workstations and cubicles. Further, mobile furniture makes it easier to rearrange your office to accommodate growth, separate equipment areas, partition departments and separate noisy parts of the office.

Control noise levels

Eliminating noise altogether is pretty impossible. Yet, depending on the type of business you are running, you can always do something to reduce it. For instance, if your office is an open floor arrangement, look to reduce auditory distractions by putting fax machines, copiers and other noisy office equipment in a separate area that you’ll then separate with glass walls.

Further, people who do sales and marketing should be away from those who require quiet work spaces.

Create a comfy and pleasant environment

For a workplace to look professional it too needs to look modern, rich and proficient. Unfortunately, not all good looking offices are comfortable. In fact, many owners and managers make the mistake of decorating in office so it looks stunning without paying attention to how comfortable it actually is for people that work there.

Strive to make your office a comfortable and above all healthy workplace. Use ergonomic furniture if possible. Make sure the lighting in the office is good (if possible, place work desks close to natural light) and you have got a functional design to minimize distractions and discomfort. If your people work in a comfortable space, they will work more productively for sure.

Invest in comfortable chairs for your employees and consult and expert when it comes to choosing workstations. You need them to be of proper height and length for every worker. If custom-made workstations are not possible, then go for the optimal measurements the consulted expert will suggest.

Decorate the space

Everyone likes to be surrounded with pretty things and so do your workers. There are ways to make your workplace look amazing and they are pretty easy.

a) Walls

Giving the space a fresh coat of paint will entirely change the room. You can even experiment with colors and wall design. Some colors are known to increase productivity in office environments while others are notorious for causing stress, anxiety and actually decreasing productivity levels (read a bit on the psychology of colors). If you are not sure what direction to go in, consult an expert.

b) Get a plant

Plants are a wonderful way to give any space warmth and beauty. Plus, they are great to have around because of all the oxygen they produce. If you feel it’s impossible to take care of a plant/plants in your office, consider fake ones. They too look amazing if well produced.

c) Floors

Floors are just as important as any other part of the office environment. With a properly chosen shaggy rug or carpet, you can give your office an amazing feel! You can even play with design, patterns and graphics so it reflects your business.

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