Four Ways To Protect Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Whether you do all of your business online or you are only on there to market your business, it’s important to protect yourself and your efforts. You don’t want someone stealing your ideas, hacking your Facebook account, or using your email address to spam the world.

There are a bazillion ways to protect yourself online, depending on what you are doing with your internet access. Your marketing efforts may cause you to need something as protective as a Trademark or a Copyright, but those can be daunting and sometimes unnecessary depending on your business, products, or the words you use in your advertising. Rather, here are a few if the easier ways to protect your marketing efforts online.

Use Email Encryptions

You may think that because your emails are being sent from your virus and malware protected computer they are just automatically safe, but that isn’t the case. Hackers can get into your email. They can steal information from them and use your email to send nearly anything to anyone on your mailing list.

There are ways to protect your email, one of them being to encrypt your emails making it so only the intended receiver gets into them. Only send emails to people and businesses that your know are legit. And never open anything sketchy that gets emailed to you.

Change Your Passwords

While barely used accounts and ones that really don’t have much business importance don’t need regular password changes, business emails, and other important business accounts can stand a password change every few months for protection.

You should also come up with a good password that will be hard to decode. Use both numbers and letters, as well as some caps and maybe even some punctuation when you can. Make it something random and not common, but you also want to make sure it is something you can remember. It’s also important to change passwords whenever you lose an employee that had access.

Watermark Images

If you are sharing photos or even infographics through email, on your website, or through social media, you may want to add a watermark of some sort to them. You don’t need something that covers the whole image, but you want something distinct that tells people you made that, and is in an area where people that share it can’t easily cut it out with a little editing.

Have A Good Security System

Don’t forget to protect your server and your computer. Hackers can steal info right out of your hard drive. Download a good virus protection software, and also have malware protection. Update them when needed so you always have the best protection available.

Your marketing strategy isn’t always just available in the internet world, you also have that stuff saved somewhere on your computer. Protect it at all times.

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