Strengthen Your Working Relationships with Escape Room Team Building Activities

Escape Room

In the world of business, there has been an increasing popularity in team building activities. And of all the activities that most people want for the company team building, escape room take the cake. The truth is, escape rooms are one of the best activities to ensure that communication barriers between the colleagues are broken and that everyone works together as a team.

Well, for years now, employers have been encouraging their employees to participate in room escapes as a fun way of breaking the office monotony. But the truth is, in addition to the fun that comes with escape room games, the activities will also be more valuable to the company as it will encourage effective communication in the workplace and also push the team to understanding the importance of solving problems collectively.

So, why escape rooms?

The most exciting reason why people prefer escape rooms for team building is because once your team is locked in, you will only have each other to figure out where the clues are and unlock the door. For example, if you are locked up in an escape room with hungry zombies, you must find the clues fast enough before the zombies catch up with you and your team members.

Secondly, escape room games focus on encouraging teamwork and building a team spirit. Truth is, when you are locked in an escape room, no one cares about individual performance but rather how well you work and communicate with each other.

Need to find the clues fast? Do the following:

  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate – The number one trick to finding the clues faster is communication. Working as a team will help you find the hidden clues and also give you the push to find that unlock key and free yourselves. During your escape tactics, you need to keep each other informed of the hidden clues; you never know who will be able to get some useful information from the clues.
  • Be creative; think out of the box – The Enchambered’s escape room Sacramento, for example, has a different setup to what you are used to. In fact, every escape room is unique from your last. So, for you to find the clue, unlock the barriers and get out before you run out of time, you have to be creative. Utilize the information available on the clues, seek suggestions, exchange ideas with your team and see what works in your favor.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the lead or follow – In an escape room setting, there is no manager, human resource administrator, clerk or even intern. You are all together in one room and your end goal is to find your way out. So, if you have what it takes to help your team out of the room, do not be afraid to take the lead regardless of your position in the office.

On the other hand, if you hold a senior position in the office and your junior finds clues that could get all of you out, don’t be afraid to follow. Being in an escape room is all about working as a team without creating a fuss over headship issues.

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  • ER designer

    As an exercise in team building is better than escape game, probably nothing to find. In the game, people can reveal their real qualities, strengths and weaknesses, rally in a team to solve a problem. And in the future, use this experience in work. Of course this works provided that the escape room is qualitatively done.

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